Red Wine and Headaches

"Can a Red Wine Migraine be Cured?"

Red Wine and Headaches are a very common thing!!

Ever been to a fantastic dinner, enjoyed a splended full course dinner with the perfect bottle of Red Wine -

And then

OUCH!! Red Wine Migraine!

"There are 2 ways to look at this!!"

As you know Wine has been around for 1000's of years!

Since ancient times, Greek, Roman, Egyptian Empires, stories from the bible even times before that reveal that Wine was part of life.

I'm sure you'll agree, this is a drink that will continue throughout the lifetime of man.

So why does it cause a Headache?

There are 2 ways to look at this:

1. To know the legend behind Red Wine and Headaches.

2. The scientific evidence behind the Red Wine Migraine.

"The Legend!!"

I come from an Italian background, and as you know Italians are the largest producers of wine in the world and are also one of the oldest producers.

They pass down their knowledge of making wine from generation to generation and along the way different stories and tales about wine get passed down as well.

Italians believe in the magic of life, about everything from mountains to trees, food and Wine!

They are very spiritual people known for the famous "La Dolce Vita!" (The Sweet Life)

Wine is believed to play a very important role in life. When we drink wine it brings out the flavour in the food, it relaxes everyone and makes them more cheerful.

People get rosy cheeks and look happier and healthier when they drink Wine. In winter you don't notice the cold and it calms the nerves.

But in the family circle when one complains about a Red Wine Migraine, you hear a cheer and a salute!!

The reason?

Red Wine and Headaches are very common when you first start drinking wine. What you'll notice is that over time, as you get older the headaches dissapear.

Yes they literally go away. It depends on how much you drink and how often.

No one can say what causes Red Wine and Headaches but one thing we do know is that people who have been drinking wine for a long time no longer have headaches when originally they did when they first started.

It's almost as if the body needs to become used to the wine and to accept it into the system. Traditionally this happens when you aquire the taste for wine.

Sometimes your fist drink of wine can be unpleasant but the more you drink over the years the better it tastes.

Over time you aquire a palette for it and begin to lose the headache.

Wine can also become an addiction so drinking in moderation is very important. You don't want to get hooked and drink yourself in to the ground.

"What do experts say?"

Very Little in fact!!

Sulphites are believed to be responsible.

When wine ferments it creates Sulphites which naturally preserve the wine.

Sulphites can trigger allergy as it stimulates Histamine which can make you sneeze and if you're asthmatic make you wheeze but this shouldn't cause a headache.

Naturallists believe that the Anti-Oxidents in wine can cause the headache as it's de-toxing the brain or thinning the blood and cleansing toxins in the brain.

No one truly knows.

"How to Avoid a Red Wine Migraine?"

The best way and the way that seems to work for many people is to drink wine with a meal especially a full course meal.

Also to drink some water when you drink Wine.

Wine is also quite acidic so a good meal will dilute the acidity and soften the strength of the wine.


Many will dissagree that over time the headaches go away if you continue consuming Wine.

If you dissagree, come back in a couple of years and see if you still get headaches? (I bet you won't)

For me this was the case, when I first started drinking wine the headaches were extreme.

But now after several years of enjoying wine the headaches have gone!

It just takes time getting used to it.

So to great dinners, great wine and great times!

May Red Wine and Headaches be a thing of the past.

Do you agree with this?

Do you get Headaches from Wine? Leave your comment here.

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