Baked Barbeque Chicken

"Do you know how to bake Chicken on the BBQ?"

Are you looking for a way to prepare tasty baked barbeque chicken?

Baked BBQ chicken has become a family favorite for the Barbecue!

Traditionally this is done purely in the oven. Did you know there is a way to bake chicken on the BBQ.

I will show you how to prepare it using your Charcoal Grill, and in case of a rainy day, I'll show you how to prepare it using your oven, for the best baked BBQ chicken you have ever had!

Great...let's prepare our chicken!

"Preparation for baked bbq Chicken!"

Ok so if you're looking to bake the whole entire roast on the Barbecue, then you need to set up the grill so that the chicken doesn't dry out or burn.

In-Direct heat is recommended, roasting a chicken on the Barbecue is different to the way you roast in an oven, the difference is that the heat source comes from the bottom.

With an Oven, the heat comes from both the top and bottom.

So if you have a roaster Barbecue or a dome shaped cylindrical type of Barbecue known as a "Kettle Grill", then you simply add your seasoning and cook away using the in-direct cooking method as seen in the picture below.

The In-Direct heat will circulate the heat. (remember to use your lid and to keep it closed trapping in the heat)

how to bbq

"Preparation - Baked Barbeque Chicken pieces!"

• This is for chicken pieces not whole chickens.

• Don't defrost the chicken in the microwave, let it thaw out overnight in the fridge.

• Use a touch of seasoning - salt, pepper, onion powder and garlic powder.

• Pour in a sugar free sauce! (sugar burns over 165 degrees!)

Perfect...our chicken pieces are ready, let's bake them!

"In the oven and kettle grill - Baked Barbecue Chicken!"

• Pre-heat your oven to a medium heat.

• After you have baked the chicken for an hour at 175 degrees in the oven, pour over your favorite bbq sauce as you normally would.

• Then place the chicken on the grill.

• Grill for 12 - 15 minutes, until the outer skin becomes crispy and caramelized.

• Let it settle for 10 minutes before serving!

Tips: Grilling the chicken on the BBQ at the end gives it that great barbecue taste. Baking the chicken before in the oven ensures that it gets cooked properly.

Awesome...what you waiting for? Go and prepare yourself delicious baked barbecue chicken!!