BBQ Chicken Recipes

"Chicken recipes for the Barbecue!"

If you are looking for delicious BBQ chicken recipes, you have come to the right place!

Try these tasty grilling chicken recipes!

Chicken as we all know is quite difficult to get right, it's vulnerable to drying out. So here we cover a few things to remember about Grilling Chicken.

Be sure to check out how to grill chicken for great tips and techniques! have the barbecue, you have the chicken. Now you need the recipes!

"Spicy Chicken Recipes!"

Barbeque Chicken Recipe
Delicious recipes including peri-peri chicken and lemon & herb!

Grilling Chicken Breast Recipes
Spice up your breasts with these recipes. Including spicy cajun and mustard chicken.

Grilling Chicken Recipes
Check these out! Tasty beer and Indian style chicken!

"Marinating & Seasoning Tips!"

  • If you marinating chicken for longer than hour, always place it the fridge. (don't want anyone to get sick!)

  • Don't over marinate, unless specified in the recipe. The acidic products in the marinate make the chicken really soft and mushy.

  • Try using fresh herbs much as possible. If you use dry herbs, crush them to release their flavour and oils!

  • Take the chicken out the marinate and place straight on the grill. Don't wash off with water or rub off with a paper towel. (keep the flavours!)

  • Avoid using marinates with a high sugar content. Sugar burns really easily on the high heat of the grill!

  • Never serve uncooked marinate as you run the risk of getting food poisoning.

Chicken Rubs

  • Rubs are a great way to spice up your chicken. Not only do they add flavour they also create a protective barrier for grilling.

  • The rub turns out crusty and creates a tasty outer layer when it comes off the grill.

  • Use ingredients like oregano, thyme, garlic powder and onion powder. Be sure to check out BBQ chicken rub for tasty rub recipes!

"Chicken Sauces!"

  • Only use a sauce on the chicken when it is close to being done (last 5 minutes). The sugar in the sauce will burn over the high heat of the grill.

  • There are great chicken sauces that compliment the flavour. Many are sugarless making it perfect for the grill.

  • I normally make my own sauces, have a look at barbecue chicken sauce for great chicken sauce recipes. (yummy!)

  • Be sure to check this page often as i'm always adding tasty new BBQ chicken recipes! Enjoy!

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