How To Grill Fish

"How to BBQ tasty Fish on your Grill!"

Here we show you how to grill fish to perfection.?

We hope you enjoy these tips to BBQ delicious fish on the grill!

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"Things to remember with Fish"

Seafood and fish can be one of the best meats to cook on a grill.

The direct high heat cooks the fish quick, which keeps it moist and soft.

There are two reasons why you would love to BBQ fish and have it more often.

  • It grills really quickly, most seafood is done within 20 minutes or less. (no waiting around to eat!)

  • Fish is really healthy and high in protein! It is the best meat for you! (no one can complain about that)

Let's have a look at a few fish dishes.

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"Tips for Grilling Fish - How to Grill Fish!"

  • The first tip with how to grill fish is make sure the grill grid is well greased.

  • Fish tends to stick really easily to the grid which makes maneuvering difficult.

  • Fish fillets breakup very easily.

  • On a charcoal grill just make sure you keep 'cool down' spot available on the grill grid. Incase the heat is too hot and the fish starts to burn.

  • On a gas grill just turn the heat down!

  • It can be difficult to know when fish is done.

  • When the meat becomes flaky and opaque right the way through it's done.

  • Try not to over cook fish as it become dry and chewy.

  • Fish needs to be served straight away after grilling.

  • Make sure everyone is ready to eat and then start grilling.

  • Right off the grill is always the best way to serve fish.

"Marinating & Seasoning - How to Grill Fish!"

  • Don't over marinate fish, rather keep its natural flavor and use ingredients that enhance it and not over power the meat.

  • A small drizzle of olive oil, a bit of lemon juice and a pinch of salt will do wonders for your flavoring.

  • Coriander and cumin are great on fish in small amounts. The spices seem to bring out the natural flavor and work great on almost all fish.

  • Garlic and black pepper are another favorite of mine. Again use small amounts you still want to keep the natural fish flavor.

  • Keep fresh lemon juice handy while you grilling. Drizzle small amounts over the fish to prevent them from drying out. Just before serving drizzle a small amount over to bring out the flavor.

  • With stronger tasting fish like Salmon for instance, many grillers like to coat it with a dry rub.

  • Ingredients consisting of paprika, sugar, salt and chili powder are coated on the surface. This creates a tasty caramelized texture which keeps in the juices. Be sure to check out BBQ fish rub rub for great recipes!

"Fish Side Dishes - Grilling Fish!"

Fish goes great with almost any side dish. Some favorites are rice, potatoes, chips, salad or even pasta. I personally don't mind having my grilled fish on its own but you serve it the way you want! now know how to grill perfect fish! Get the grill out and cook some!!

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