Charcoal Smokers

"Get The Most Out Of Barbecue Smokers!"

Charcoal smokers are at the top of list when you look for that Barbecued flavour in food.

You've got, heat, smoke and moisture grilling the meal all at once creating a fascinating combination of flavours.

Smoking is not only a Science but also an art!

Practice makes Perfect!! It is like a sport, the more you do it the better you get at it...

On this page you will find:

  • Smoker Grills 
  • How a smoker works 
  • Using your smoker efficiently 
  • Types of smokers (what you'll find out there)

"First lets look at Charcoal Smokers!"

If you're Grilling a leg of lamb, whole chickens or brisket, smoked chicken or ribs!

"Try them with charcoal smokers!" It's a real treat...

If you are looking to find a Smoker grill - We've got a couple here for you to look at.

Also - tips on use and how to use.

Smokey Mountain
 18.5" 22" Diameter

 15.5" Diameter

Gourmet Smoker
 15.5" Diameter

 16.9" Diameter

"A few extra topics about Smoker Grills!"

How to Smoke Meat
A few tips on how to smoke the meat!

Building a Smoker Grill
build your own smoker.

Custom BBQ Grills
You got to check these grills,
they are insane!!

How to Smoke Chicken
Great useful tips to get the
best tasting smoked chicken.

How to Smoke Ribs
Ever had ribs that just fall off the bone?
You owe yourself a favour,
check this page out.

"Ever wondered how BBQ Smokers work?"

Consisting of two separate chambers - One for the heat source and the other chamber for cooking.

The heat source chamber has an air opening which lets cool air in. The air then travels through, where it gets heated and flows through to the cooking chamber. (how does it flow through?)

The air is transported through the chambers by a wheel inlet or fan. (Great!)

Wood pellets should be placed with the charcoal briquettes in the charcoal smokers heat chamber. Wood pellets create additional smoke for the smoking process.

The lid needs to be kept on the grill while cooking as you need the hot air to stay in the cooking chamber. (it's a smoker not a BBQ!)

"Do you know how to use a Smoker Grill Efficiently?"

I always found that the wood chips I placed with my charcoal burnt out way too quickly.

So...I found that by soaking the wood chips in water made them burn for longer and produce more smoke!

The dampness makes the wood smoulder rather then just burn.

How you do it? the wood chips in a bowl with water and let them soak for a bit. (a good 10 minutes!)

When smoking you need to keep it at a constant temperature, the smoker takes a while to build up heat.

Now that you waited so long for the heat to build up, avoid opening the lid too many times!

The heat won't build up like you want it you will be smoking forever! Keep topping up your charcoal and wood pellets to keep a constant heat.

I found that every two hours I needed to top up with about 20 briquettes and add a hand full of wood chips to keep my desired heat!

Traditional Smoker

Large in size. Great for large portions of meat.

Some come with many added extras.
(cupboards, side tables & flashing red lights!)

Dome Smoker

Smaller and more portable. (great for camping)

Great to use and prepare very tasty brisket.

Durable and long lasting, It's clear
to see why they so popular!

Look out for smoker & grill combos (all in one cooker!)

Portable Smoker:

Great for travelling! (take it with you wherever you go!)

Like dome smokers these are easy to use and durable.

Large enough for a normal sized family.

"There you go, now you know!"

So...give your charcoal smokers a go this Sunday!

Smoke up some tasty steaks!!

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