Weber Smoker

"Time to study the Smokey Mountain!"

The Weber Smoker is another leading grill by Weber in the Smoker grills catagory.

Known as the Smokey Mountain, built in heavy duty plated steel and porcelain enamel. "The Traditional Weber Build!"

We've done some digging here looking for information about the grill, listed below is what we found.

weber grill
Smokey Mountain
 18.5" 22" Diameter
weber grill
 2 Cooking levels
 Fits Ham and Turkey
 Water Pan Steamer
 Built in Thermometer
 Porcelain Enamal steel
 Alliminium Fuel Door

"Here's a quick look at the grill."

As you know Smokers are slow cookers, keeping in heat, moisture and flavour.

Traditionally they have more than one level, giving you room to cook to whole chickens at the same time.

The Smokey Mountain has the convenient Alluminium trap door that allows you to manage the coals and keep the heat going.

It also has the useful thermometer keeping you up to speed with the heat inside the grill.

"Where to find one?"

Here below on Amazon

Choose from either the 18.5"inch and the 22"inch.

Smokey Mountain
18.5" Inch
Smokey Mountain
22" Inch
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