Portable BBQ - "The Bon feu"

"Let's start with who we are!"

To put it into basic words,
we built this site around
Hosting the Portable BBQ
Bon Feu

It's a grill we use and enjoy using!

In addition to this we also offer
free information on other grills,
recipes and Barbecue products.


To learn website design
The Internet
Write about something we enjoy

Have fun more than anything!

"Who are Bon Feu!"

The company is a General Engineering and Manufacturing factory located in the district of Johannesburg South Africa.

As a company, they specialize in metal pressings, Tool and Die Making, Turning and Milling of industrial metal products.

Bon Feu is their brand name for their new Luxury Charcoal Grill concept you now see in the pictures on this website.

This Portable BBQ went into full production in August 2009 which makes it a relatively young Tabletop Charcoal Grill.

Further products under the Bon Feu brand will include additional Barbecues and accessories such as

• Portable Gas Versions
• Roasters and Smokers
• Dome shaped lids
• Frying Pans
• Cooking utensils

"Now for the Grill!"

Bon Feu Premier
Portable Charcoal BBQ
Table Top & Camping
Good all rounder

"Mouth Watering Stuff!"

  • Dimensions
  • Cooking Area
  • Net Weight
  • Materials
  • Features

 45cm Diameter
 645cm Squared
 Stainless Steel
 3 Snug fitting parts

  • Box Size
  • 1 Carton (4 box)
  • Gross Weight
  • Minimum Order
  • Per Container

 470 x 155 x 470mms
 475 x 625 x 475mms
 650 units (Trade)
 650 units (Boxes)

"The different components of the Grill!"

"Easy to Carry!"

It Includes?

The Grill Grid

Fire Tray

What for?

Table Top


Heat Shield

Nylon Bag

Outdoor Events

Small & Large Area Compatibility

Fits Together

450mm (18")

Hand Crafted


Great for Holidays

Long Journeys

Dishwasher Friendly!

"To Sum it all up!"

The Bonfeu designers are keen Barbecue enthusiasts who take a lot of pride in their grilling.

They built the grill especially for the like minded grill enthusiast who just can't live without their grill.

High Quality, heavy duty Stainless Steel materials rather than the traditional satisfactory steal plated materials.

This Charcoal BBQ was built to last.

How to order


Try Contact us here at anytime.

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