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Welcome to Bonfeu BBQ a family site dedicated to the Charcoal Grills. Simply everything on how to grill, Barbecue Recipe, Barbecue Sauces and when you wish to eat out, scope out our BBQ Restaurant Review!

Simply everything on how to BBQ!

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So you've got a new grill

"Now what!!"

Well our Charcoal Grill Tips  sort of give you a bit of a heads up.

When I first started Grilling lighting the fire was the challenge! Was more like training the lungs to blow the flames to get the coal going!

With time it gets easier, a good pyramid of coal on top of 3 or 4 blocks of firelighters and she lights up!

Let's have some fun with Recipes!!

The Recipe section covers most meat types and Vegetables.

If you dig deep you'll find various different tips and techniques used, from how to do certain things and how to clean and maintain your grills.

Our recipes are easy to find on the NAV Bar buttons on the left under Recipes.

Question! "What about flavor?

Sauces and Rubs baby!!

Getting the sauce right is much like a painting, the colors mix to create depth, texture, tones vibrancy and sparkle!!

The ingredients in Sauce bring the dish to life!!

My favorite Barbecue Sauce is the reason for always choosing the fillet steak cooked medium off a Charcoal Barbecue!!

BBQ Rubs are a dry way to bring out the juices!! Some sauces have sugar in them and this burns creating a caramel skin on the meat.

But rubs they absorb into the core of stake! It all depends on your personal preference, get creative and have fun wit it!!

Not quite in the mood to cook?

BBQ Restaurant Review!

We enjoy BBQ Restaurant Reviews, sometimes I'm sure you'll agree that going to a BBQ Restaurant franchise or taking the family out is just divine.

When we can, we highlight the Barbecue Restaurants that stand out with great reviews, we list them here.

We are putting together as time passes a Barbecue Restaurant Trail going through all the worlds BBQ hotspots.

We hope that one day we will be blessed to visit all these amazing places!

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Keep it Touch!!

The main reason for this sites topic Charcoal Grills is for fun and for it to be more of a hobby than anything.

Once the full site has been upgraded interactive pages will be assigned for you join in and have fun with.

Anything on how to grill, or BBQ Restaurants, perhaps a recipe you simply love and want to share, hopefully you'll make a home for it here.

So have fun browsing and we'll meet again in the pages!

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