BBQ Restaurant Review - Where to eat!

"Where's your favorite Barbecue Restaurant?"

So where do we start with a BBQ Restaurant Review!

With a planet full of great Barbecue Restaurants and places to eat, we've so far selected the USA Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and South America as locations to review. Korea is also a powerhouse on the grill, also some unique tastes and styles.

With the sheer scale of Barbecuing around the world, the challenge is choosing which bbq restaurants reviews to highlight on this site.

So what we've created here is a platform for reviews to grow organically with the site on their own with our input and the help of our readers and followers.

"Where's the Best BBQ Restaurants in the US?"

We chose to give the US our top choice as a BBQ powerhouse! Big meat lovers mixed with good weather and the great outdoors! The US really has some special places to visit.

The Texas Barbecue Trail, is an example of What I'm talking about. Just a sheer love for food, flavor and good grills!

The South Eastern area of the US is home to some of the best Barbecue Restaurants, these restaurants were built around traditional great Southern Cooking and some have been there for generations.

We start in Texas and move our way through the South East BBQ Restaurant Review! (We'll keep adding as we go along)

Lets start in TEXAS!

Texas Pride Barbecue

Salt Lick in Texas

Stubbs Barbecue

Lockhart BBQ

The Pecan Lodge

"Where's the Best BBQ Restaurants in South Africa?"

That's us, "the Boys!" We're South African and where we come from, we Braai!

South Africa also a country rich in warm weather, blue sunny skies with a Love for Meat!

The origins of the braai date back to initial rail infrastructures and mining engineering with origins from Europe, bringing with them great Braai methods and recipes.

A lot of the BBQ traditions developed linking Johannesburg to Cape Town, certain meats would keep vs others that would expire quicker, this is where the all famous Biltong recipes were developed. (Similar to Jerky just made and seasoned differently)

Here we highlight a few traditional BBQ Restaurant Reviews in the heart of the Bushvelt. (Plains)

"Where's the Best BBQ Restaurants in Aussie land?"

Well, you can't have a Barbie without a cold pint to keep things cool in Australia!! Also a family and friends pastime tradition.

Little less orthodox than most places, Aussies will dig a big hole in the back garden to get a Barbie going!! But a wonderful Barbecue tradition to enjoy.

Here's a list of good places to visit whilst on route in Australia!!

"New Zealand, what's going on?"

Rugby, beer and a barbecue! "Is there anything else in this world?" A wonderful country for good summer months, food on the grill and famlies there to enjoy.

Also wonderful country side, lovely drives with all round beauty to enjoy with a good bbq.

P.S. This section of the site we hope to be a major feature so the building and putting the pages together will take time, definitely would love to hear from any of our readers, any suggestions, things you would like to see.

I will include facebook comments, think facebook is a wonderful site to connect with and works quite well socially so ye no worries, will have cool restaurants listed here. So please feel free to highlight any BBQ Restaurant Review, anywhere you've eaten that we need to know about?

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