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Pork is great for the grill, especially BBQ pork ribs. Pigs have a lighter color of red in their blood in comparison to a Bull or Cow.

In Pork there is less Myoglobin in the blood than beef and this is why pork cooks to a light grey or pink and beef to a darker grey or purple.

'Pound for pound' pork has more nutrients than chicken. These days pigs are bred 30% leaner than they did 30 years ago. This is why pork has become so popular!

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"The 5 Main Pork Cuts"

• Picnic Shoulder

• Loin (chops, ribs, bacon and tenderloin)

• Shoulder Butt (sausage and roast)

• Leg (ham, cutlets and boneless roast)

• Side (spare ribs)

The difficulty with pork is to keep it tender while not over cooking it...Over cooked pork is like card board - tough and dry!

Remember the 'safe to eat' internal temperature be must be 175 degrees. The running juices should be a light pink color when the pork is done!

As soon as you see these signs take it off the grill, every minute passing by means your pork is getting drier and tougher! you know the cuts, now lets look at what to buy!!

"What To Buy with Grilling Tips!"

  • Look for pork cuts with an even pink color and with a sweet smell.

  • Purchase cuts that are tender and low in fat. (loin or the leg)

  • Get cuts that are even in thickness, making it easier for you to grill.

  • Try purchase pork on the same day you plan to grilling. (the fresher the better!)

  • If you are planning on grilling ribs, have a look at cooking barbeque pork ribs for a great grilling method. (can't beat pork ribs!)

  • Avoid freezing pork whenever possible. If you had no choice don't defrost it in the microwave, rather let it thaw out overnight in the fridge.

  • Rub your pork cuts with a delicious pork rub recipe. Not only does it add flavour, it also adds a protective layer for grilling!

  • If you are grilling pork steaks remember to sear the outside with high heat for 2 to 3 minutes to lock in all the juices.

  • Then drop the temperature of the grill to let the center of the pork cook slowly. (With Charcoal use direct heat to start then indirect heat)

  • Larger cuts like brisket and pork ribs need to be grilled nice and slow. This prevents the meat from drying out. Use an indirect grilling method for a constant low heat.

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