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Are you looking for delicious BBQ beef recipes? Tasty recipes for burgers, ribs and succulent steaks!

Beef is the most popular meat to grill on the barbecue. The meat is tough and stands up to the hot dry heat really well.

There are so many different beef cuts all of which can be prepared on your barbecue!

Plus...there are so many flavours and spices that work so well with beef!!

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"How to choose Beef at the Butchers!"

One of the most popular and well used meat on a bbq is beef, and boy is there a GREAT selection of beef. Lets starts with steak.

A great bbq beef steak begins with the quality of the steak! The selection of the grade and cut is very important.

A good indication of grade will be looking at the marbling of the fat in the piece of beef steak.

If the meat is free of fat the cut will have little or no marbling, this means that this piece of beef will be leaner and softer but not that flavourful.

If there is a small amount of marbling, the beef steak will have that beefy taste.

So the key is to look at the steak for marbling but remember the more marble the less tender the beef steak will be when tasting your BBQ Beef Recipes.

Also keep a wary eye out if there is thick lining on fat in the beef it means there is alot of connective tissue so the beef steak will be quite tough.

Colour will also show you a good beef steak, the colour of the beef should be bright red, the fat, a creamy white and marbling evenly spread and thin throughout the beef steak (for a flavorsome steak) or no marbling at all for a leaner version.

"Now let's consider the Cut!"

Next we have the cut of the beef steak, the cuts can be put into three sections Rib cut, Short loin and Sirloin, lets have a look at the least tender of the three sections the rib cut.

In the rib cut you have Rib Eye-Steak(considered one of the most flavorful steaks), the back ribs and the Rib Roast.

The rib eye is considered one of the popular steaks available because its the most marbled compared to any other steak cuts.

Quick Note - When cooked the marbling fat melts into the steak which results into a juicy authentic beef flavoured steak for your BBQ Beef Recipes.

For the next section, we have the Short loin which cuts include, the T-bone, Top loin steak, tenderloin/fillet (you get the chateaubriand from this piece) and finally the porterhouse steak.

The fillet or tenderloin steak is considered by chefs to be the best cuts of beef as it is the most tender of the cuts, it is also the best cut for the health conscious BBQ Beef Recipes.

The remaining cut is called the Sirlion. This includes the sirloin steak (considered a very tasty steak) and the top sirloin.

The sirloin is considered the cheapest of the cuts, because of the full flavour. The steak tends to be a little on the tough side, so best to marinate it the night before grilling.

Other steaks like the flank,chuck and round (or rump) come from exactly what the name implies and these are considered very tough pieces, i would recommend these pieces of beef steak for slow stews.

So there you have a break down on what to look for in the best bbq beef steak, lets have a look at a delicious BBQ Beef Recipes for these certain pieces of steaks.

"Beef Recipe Pages!"

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"How to Flavour Beef!"

• Add a layer of flavour with barbecue beef rub for great recipes.

• A rub not only adds flavour but adds a protective layer.

• Place beef in a grilled steak marinade overnight.

• Never leave beef to marinate at room temperature. Always place in the fridge to keep it fresh.

• Try a delicious barbecue steak sauce to serve with your beef. got the flavours now you need to know how to grill beef!

"Beef Grilling Tips!"

• Take the Steak out of the fridge about an hour before, allow it to become room temperature (very important if you prefer your steak blue or rare.)

• Start the grill on high so it can seal all the natural juices into the steak.

• Leave for 3 minutes then turn the Steak 90 degrees so you get that criss cross burn that we love from the grill

• Cook for a further 3 minutes, then turnover and repeat (incl 90 degree turn)

• For rare to medium rare cook for a few extra minutes then remove. (Slice the Meat to check if necessary)

• With medium or medium well you will see a small pool of juices come up on the steak after a few more minutes

• Allow the steak to rest for a couple of minutes the reason is because the steak is all tensed up after cooking, so you need to allow the beef steak to rest for abit.

• Check out grilling temperatures for temperature guidelines.

• When grilling steaks lock in the juices by searing the outside with a high heat. (keep it juicy!)

• Never handle your meat with a fork, rather use a spatula. A fork pierces the meat and will cause the juices to run out.

• Large pieces of meat should be grilled nice and slowly to avoid the meat from drying out. (no dry meat!)

• Have a look at BBQ brisket for great tips on how to grill meat slowly.

• Voila! eat time!!! enjoy with a fresh salad or try some of our grilled veg recipes! Perfect...tasty BBQ Beef Recipes right off your grill!!!

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