BBQ Brisket

"Beef Briskets are great on the BBQ!"

BBQ Brisket

Do you want to prepare tasty BBQ brisket right off your grill? Use these tips and techniques to get perfect barbecue brisket!

bbq brisket

Before we go any further, do you have time and patience? If you don't you would be better of grilling a few burgers because brisket requires a lot of both!

We all love brisket but we are afraid of trying it on a barbecue...

For me it can be one of the easiest and at the same time one of the hardest dishes to prepare on a barbecue!

The easiest because it doesn't require much flavouring, the rub is purely optional...

The hardest because it requires time (6 hours) and patience with the perfect amount of heat and smoke.

The problem is brisket is quite tough, using a grill to cook it makes it even tougher! So...let me walk you through the process of getting great brisket of your grill!

"What to Purchase"

To start off with you need to get the perfect cut and grade of brisket. Ask your butcher for prime grade untrimmed brisket, either pork or beef.

Make sure the fat remains on the meat to help with not only keeping the meat moist but also flavouring it. (yummy!!)

Great...we got ourselves the perfect brisket! Now let's prepare it for the grill...

"Preparation - Grilling Brisket""

• Avoid freezing the brisket but if you had to then let it thaw out in the fridge. (don't defrost in the microwave!)

• Once thawed, rinse it under a cold running tap and pat dry with a paper towel.

• Lightly coat with a thin layer of olive oil. (moisten the meat!)

• Purely optional you can rub a dry rub over the surface. Check out BBQ dry rub recipe, for great rub recipes! (remember brisket has a great natural flavour!)

Brilliant...our brisket is prepared and ready! Let's get it on the grill!

"Grilling Brisket"

barbecue brisket
• Light up the grill using an indirect grilling method!

• Get the grill to a medium heat. (charcoal 70% grey!)

• Sprinkle a handful of damp wood chips over the charcoal.

• Lightly oil the grill with some olive oil.

• Place the brisket on the grill grid over the aluminum foil tray. (indirect heat!)

• Close the lid and let it grill for two hours. (sit near the grill to keep an eye on it!)

• Add a few coals and another handful of wood chips to keep constant heat and smoke! (20 briquettes or so!)

• The juice that has accumulated in the foil tray must be poured over the brisket. (keep it juicy!)

• Close the lid and grill for another two hours.

• Repeat process until the brisket is cooked through. (normally 6 hours!)

• The internal temperature of the brisket must reach 175 degrees for it to be cooked!

• Once done give the brisket a good 20 minutes to settle before serving.

• Slice the brisket up very thinly and serve with any leftover juice in the foil tray.

Tip: Take your time, grill it nice and slowly. The charcoal will need to be topped up with 20 - 30 briquettes every hour to keep a constant heat!

Keep basting the brisket from time to time to keep it moist. Use the excess oil and fat that accumulates in the aluminum tray. No need for any other sauces! know the secrets to getting delicious BBQ brisket right off your grill!

Add brisket to your BBQ Sunday menu!!!