Indirect Grilling Method!

"How does it work?"

Feel free to try our Indirect Grilling Method and Lighting a Charcoal Grill.

Do you know how to light up a barbecue using an indirect grilling method and make the best BBQ pizza, ribs and brisket you ever had!

An in-direct grilling technique simply means the heat source is not directly under the food.

The heat rises from the charcoal and circulates around the grill! This indirectly cooks the meat, almost like an oven. why must you use this method instead of a normal BBQ method? Well as you know a BBQ produces a high dry heat. This cooks food really quickly.

Large pieces of meat like a chicken for instance would simply burn the outside and leave the inside raw! That's the last thing you want...

indirect grilling method

An indirect technique allows you to grill the meat slowly and make sure it get cooked properly with out burning it. How many times have you had dry charred chicken? ready to prepare tasty off-the-bone chicken? Or the best rack of ribs you have ever had? Then let's go!!

If you are looking for information on how to light up a BBQ the convential way check - Lighting a charcoal grill!

My advice is use this method for any large pieces of meat or food. Like your rib racks, pizza, brisket or large pieces of steaks.

Bare in mind there are many different indirect grilling techniques. This method has served me well over the years... I know it will serve you well to!

"Indirect Grilling"

When lighting up a grill using an indirect grilling technique, place charcoal briquettes on either side of the grill. (basically, think of your grill as a compass, the charcoal will be placed on East & West) will now have two small piles of charcoal with an empty space in the middle. Light up the charcoal as you normally would, let them burn for 5 minutes!

Place a foil tray in the middle, between the charcoal piles. The foil tray will collect the juices from the meat. As illustrated in the picture below. (the collected juices are used later as a sauce!!)

indirect grilling method

Place the grill grid on as you normally would. Whatever you are grilling is placed in the center on the grill grid over the foil tray! (see where the indirect comes in?)

Right now, very important you need to place the lid of the grill on. This traps the heat and causes it to circulate.

Open the top air vent slightly while you are grilling, this allows a small amounts of smoke to escape. (don't want your chicken tasting like it was a smoker!)

"Indirect Grilling - How to Light the Charcoal"

• Open up all air vents, when lighting up the grill. (no air, no fire!)

• Lay small amounts of charcoal briquettes on eachside of the grill. About 10 to 20 briquette eachside.

• Soak small pieces of paper in olive oil or cooking oil. (or use lighter fluid)

• Place the soaked paper on the charcoal and place the briquettes around in a pyramid shape. (if you battle with the pyramid, make an upside down cone.)

• Light the paper and wait the briquettes to ignite. (sounds easy enough.)

• Spread out the briquettes evenly. (get great heat circulation)