Lighting a Charcoal Grill!

"Do you Struggle to get your BBQ going?"

Lighting a charcoal grill can be done without fire lighters or lighter fluids.

The proven and tested way to lighting a charcoal grill without a fire starter.

Have you ever found it difficult to light up the barbecue? Especially when you don't have lighter fluid?

Let me make it easy for you!!

"What's Direct and In-Direct Heat?"

I'm sure you have heard the term direct and in-direct grilling?

Well just in-case you haven't I will explain!!

Direct heat

Basically, the heat source is directly under the food. Your normal everyday grilling method!

Use this method when grilling small bits of food like burgers or sausages.

In-direct heat

You guessed it...heat source isn't directly under the food. Use this method when you need to slow cook food. Food like large pieces of steaks or whole chicken pieces.

This way you cook the meat without burning it!

Depending on the food you're cooking will determine what fire you want and how hot you need your fire to be.

If you are wanting to light up a direct heat barbecue continue reading this page. If you looking to start up an in-direct grilling barbecue visit - indirect grilling method.

"Lighting a Charcoal Grill?"

Start with a clean grill, clean any left over ash and dirt before you start. (left over ash, makes for ashy tasting meat)

Fire needs air to breathe, make sure all vents are open. You need to get good air circulation. (no air, no fire)

Lay down your charcoal on the base of your grill. Use between 20 to 30 briquettes, you can always add more later. (simple enough)

Soak small pieces of paper in olive oil or in cooking oil. You can use napkins, newspaper or printing paper. (why...because it makes the paper burn longer)

Place the soaked paper in the center of your charcoal pile. (i'm sure you can find the center)

Build the briquettes around the soaked paper. Almost like a volcano or pyramid. (sounds like fun!!)

Once the charcoal is fully covering the paper, light the paper up! (leave a little bit of paper sticking out to light)

Give it a few minutes to burn and most the charcoal briquettes will get ignited. ('s that easy)

And...for those who still don't get it, here is a video demonstration! Just click the play button and make sure the volume is turned up!!

"How to light a Charcoal Grill without Lighter Fluid!"

"Things to Remember when Lighting a Charcoal Grill!"

The paper needs to be soaked in oil to make it burn for longer. (paper needs to burn long enough to ignite the charcoal!)

Always build a pyramid shape with the charcoal to allow the briquettes to have good air ventilation. (a volcano if you battle making a pyramid)

Using an electronic igniter can make lighting the paper easier, the next best thing would be a lighter. (got to get me one of those!)

If you do use lighter fluid make sure it is fully evaporated before you start cooking. (don't worry we won't think you cheated)

You want to know another trick? sssh...don't tell anyone!

Why not get a helping hand with a charcoal chimney starter!!

The fastest and easiest way to light up your grill! I won't tell if you don't!

"Judging The Heat!"

It can be difficult to judge and to know when to start cooking. So here of a few pointers!!

It can differ from barbecue to barbecue due to the size and how far the grill grid is to the fire.

A good way to judge the heat is with your hand. Place your hand palm down where the meat will be grilling and count the number of seconds you can hold your hand there.

• 5 Seconds - Low

• 4 Seconds - medium

• 3 seconds - High

Anything less than that and it is too hot to grill! Wait a little for the coal to get more ashy!!


  • If the coal is covered completely in ash & gray - Low.

  • Coal covered with ash but with some visibility of red glow - Medium

  • Coal slightly covered with ash but red glow clearly visible - Hot

Or you could just get a grill thermometer makes things a little easier!!

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