Portable Charcoal Grill Selection

"The Portable BBQ EXPLOSION!"

Over the past ten years, the Portable Charcoal Grill has been significantly increasing in the popularity.

It seems that consumers are edging more towards simplicity and a tidy patio. The traditional Barbecues with stands can be bulky and in the way for some.

A table top, portable BBQ that can be put away and carried around is becoming very popular.

Grill Manufacturers are starting to catch on and bring out their Portable Ranges.

One of the great things with Portable Grills is that they are quite easy to throw into the boot of the car or to take with you, on boats to the lake, caravaning etc etc.

We've done a lot of digging on this and have selected these Portable grills.

"They're just awesome!

Weber Smokey Joe

 Silver and Gold Charcoal
- Based on the their
 famous "Kettle grill."

  • Medium sized
  • Porcelain Enamel
  • Plated Steel Grate
  • Portable BBQ

Weber Char Q

 Premier Grill

 Airflow and Heat
Cast iron
 Cooking Grate
 Removable Charcoal
 Ash Catch Pan

 Vented Dampers

Weber Go Anywhere

 Grab it and Grill it

 Porcelain Enamel Lid and
Glass reinforced
 Nylon Handles

 Plated Steel Legs

 Plated Steel Cooking Plate

 Lockable Plated Legs

Bodum Fyrkat

 Charcoal Picnic Grill

 Great Burgers, Fish

 Enamel Coated Steel

 Heat Resistant Silicone

 Silicone Lid Clips to Carry

 Son of Hibachi Combo

 Complete BBQ System
 Easy to Light
 Self Cleaning Grills
 Heat Proof Pouch
 Closes Clean
 Ash catcher & Fire

 Marsh Allen Hibachi

 Durable Cast Iron
 3 Position Adjustable
 Curved Grill Sides
 Adjustable Coal Airvents
 Wooden Carry Handles
 157 Sq" Cooking Surface

Bonfeu Portable BBQ

 Table Top Grill

 Heavy Duty Stainless Steel
 3 Snap together Parts 
 Comes with Nylon Carry
 Dishwasher Friendly

"Good portable grills!"

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