Best Gas Grills

"Do you enjoy a little competition in life?"

Occasionally we look at the most
popular grills on Bonfeu-BBQ.

We then list the top 10 Best Gas Grills
here in order based on search volume and
the most viewed.

"Great Heat! Great Taste! Great Grills!"

To explain how this works, we get a monthly report from our web server on the most viewed pages on the site.

We then take the data and do a count the Best Gas Grills based on most page impressions for a particular grill.

So far lets look at the leading grills.

10. The O-Grill Portable Gas BBQ
weber grill O Grill
Portable Gas Grill

Easy Carry

The O-Grill kicks off the top 10 list. A perfect tabletop grill.

Comes in many colours..

9. The Coleman Roadtrip Foldable Gas Grill
weber grill  Roadtrip
Portable Gas BBQ

Foldable Carry Away

The Coleman Roadtrip, made by a leading company in outdoor lifestyle activities.

Great for Camping and going on holiday, very well made with excellent materials.

8. The Weber Summit Top of the Line!

weber grill 
Top of the Range

Weber Gas Grill

Weber Summit Gas Grills are Weber's pride and joy. Absolute Masterpieces!

This grill was built to have all the features.

7. The Weber Genesis
weber grill Genesis
Weber Gas BBQ

Outdoor Gas Grill

Coming in 7th.

Intermediate Outdoor Kitchen Grill. Mid Range Magic!

6. The Vermont Castings VCS 300
weber grill
VCS 300
Vermont Castings

Outdoor Gas Grill

Vermont Castings with their magic starter grill, the VCS 300!

Absolute stunner for a start up grill. "What more do you need!"

5. The Weber Spirit Outdoor Gas Grill

weber grill
Weber Spirit
Outdoor Gas Stove

Entry Level

Once again, another Weber in the top 10.

The Spirit is an excellent entry level gas cooker. Weber quality at a great price.

4. The Charbroil Gas Grill

weber grill
Portable Gas BBQ

The Tabletop Grill

The CharBroil Tabletop Gas Grill takes 4th position.

Lightweight, robust and comes at a great price.

3. The Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill

weber grill
Go Anywhere
Portable Gas BBQ

Tabletop Gas Grill

One thing you can be sure of, Weber are always going to be up near front of the pack. They still sell more grills than any other grill manufacturer worldwide.

The Weber Performer Gas Grill is another very successfulmodel.

2. The Cadac Safari Grill
weber grill
Cadac Safari
Portable Gas BBQ

South African Made

The Cadac Safari Portable Gas BBQ comes in 2nd!

This power African Camping Cooker seems to getting loads of attention on our site. Cadac have been the leader in the South African market place for many years.

1. The Vermont Casting VCS 500
weber grill VCS 500
Vermont Castings
Gas Grill

Outdoor Kitchen

Vermont Castings hold the top spot for with the VCS 500 Gas Grill. Absolute Class and quality.

When you find a Vermont Castings Grill at someone's house, you know they were thinking "top of the line." The VCS 500 is the BIG DADDY of Vermont Castings!!.

Both on Wheels and Built In.

"What to expect next!"

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