Vermont Castings Grills VCS 500
Outdoor gas grills

"Their top of the line!"

These Vermont Castings Grills have the top of the range functions. They've also done their best in giving the Grills an elegant high end design.

Both the detached and build in Grills make excellent outdoor features for your home.

They've used heavy duty materials, Stainlees Steel, Cast Iron and sand blasted Alloy.

5 Main Burners, 937 Square Inch Cooking Surface. 20 000 BTU (british thermal unit) Rotisserie Burner, 15 000 BTU Side Burner.

304 Stainless Steel seer plates, casters, condiment trays, towl racks, the list goes on and on.

Traditionally you'll find these versions in high end luxury villas.

We've oulined features below.

"Here's the detached version"

weber grill Vermont Castings
VCS500 Stainless steel
Outdoor Gas Grills

 The Ultimate of Outdoor Gas Grills

 Includes 20 000 BTU Rotisserie Burner
 15 000 BTU Side Burner
 Comes in 304 Stainless Steel
 5 burners produce 62 500 BTU's (British Thermal Units)
 937 Sqaure Inch Cooking space
 Stainless steel sear plates
 Casters, towel bars, condiment trays, side shelves
 Smoker box and Cast Iron Grids

"Built in version"

Ideal if your villa is currently under construction.

weber grill Vermont Castings
VCS500 Built in
Built in Outdoor Gas Grills

 Built In Outdoor Gas Grill

 Top of the range Features
 5 burners
 Single Source Ignition
 50 000 BTUs (British Thermal Units)
 937 Sqaure Inch Cooking space
 The rest same as above

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