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Here are some great Charcoal Grill Tips, to help you prepare tasty meals.

Get the most out of your grilling experience with these barbecue tips.

On this page I have included basic food preparation charcoal grill tips, safety tips and great grilling tips.

Okay, we have all made our silly mistakes on the grill! I have burnt chicken, steaks and even burnt my grass while barbecuing.

We can all use a few tips to help bring out the griller in all of us!

"Is preparation important?"

Preparing food is just as in important as grilling it. With our food preparation tips you will understand how to avoid common mistakes!

So let's get straight to it... maybe you should get a pen and paper?

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  • Maintenance and cleaning

Lighting a Charcoal Grill

We've all battled with this, I know I did.
Some how it always takes longer to light up  then you had hoped!

Indirect Grilling Method

Grilling ribs or large steaks?
This is the way to do it!

Charcoal Chimney Starter

Does it feel like you are cheating? It is the easiest and quickest way to fire up that grill!

Cooking with Charcoal

Great charcoal grill tips and techniques on how to get the most out of your charcoal grill.

Homemade Charcoal Grills

Got the charcoal and the meat but no barbecue?

Don't a grill quickly with your everyday household objects.

Build a Charcoal Grill

Okay, lets build our own brick BBQ.
Check out this great but simple design!

Hardwood Charcoal

It all starts with great quality charcoal.
Purchase yours online!

Kingsford Charcoal

One of the original charcoal producers. Believe it or not but it is a derivative of the Ford motor company.

"Origin - Where Did It All Start?"

Charcoal grill tips and their origins.

Have you ever stood there grilling and wondered where did this wonderful tradition come from? Ever since my love for barbecuing began, I have always wondered just that!

Truth is though, after doing all my research no one can clearly say where the barbecue originated from. Most say it came from Africa and was passed down from generation to generation. African tribes used stone, like furnaces to cook their meals under a fire.

What we do know is man invented fire and with that he realised something...cooked meat was tastier and easier to digest than raw meat.

The earliest compound dish was a crude paste that came about by the Roman Legions, made by mixing water with cracked kernels and simple heating. These dishes were barbecues to them, they would hold the food above a fire and it would cook instead of just burn!

This evolved over time and has become what we know today as barbecuing. Barbeque charcoal grills were born!

Over the years countries have developed their own traditions and styles of grilling. In South Africa where I am from a barbecue is known as a braai.

In Australia it is known as a barbie. What remains the same though is that no matter which part of the globe you are from barbecues are a part of family life.

Okay, enough with the history lesson... Let's move forward!

"Barbeque Charcoal Grills - Components!"

Charcoal Grill tips regarding parts in a charcoal grill?

Barbecues come in many different shapes and sizes. Ranging from really large charcoal cookers to small portable units.

What remains the same though is, they consist of the same basic parts to make it function.

Let's have a look. I'm suggesting these charcoal grill tips incase you ever decide to build one!

The charcoal needs to be housed so that the flame can breathe and the coal can burn. This will generate the necessary heat to grill the food! Let's call it the charcoal pit.

The next essential piece we need is a grill grid! If food goes directly over a flame it burns, we need the food over heat in order to cook. A grill grid does just that, it holds the food while allowing heat to pass through and cook your meat!

Yes, I know there are other parts! Like the lid, legs and heck even flashing lights. But, without the charcoal pit and grill grid you don't have a charcoal grill! You can do without the rest, even the flashing lights!

"Maintenance and Cleaning Barbeque Charcoal Grills!"

I know, the worst part of barbecuing. This fact alone sometimes makes me lazy and instead of barbecuing I'll chicken out and make something in the kitchen.

But it has to be done, a clean grill makes for a better meal! The maintenance is just as important as I'm sure you don't want to be buying a new grill each summer? you?

The easiest way I found is to make simple routines like when you're not using your barbeque charcoal grill, protect it from outdoor elements. You do this, you won't need to worry about scrapping off rust or having to clean it before you start grilling.

Get yourself a cover made from nylon plastic or protective material, this part is essential over long stints of non-use like over the winter period. Okay, so maybe there is a third essential part to a charcoal grill! A cover!

Over time some parts may start to rust, I'm sorry but even the highest grade stainless steel can rust. Don't go out and buy a new grill, no need! Simply replace the rusted parts. Most specialist BBQ shops sell parts.

Nuts and bolts rust the quickest to go compared to the rest of the barbecue. Replace them as soon as you can! Come on it is easy to do!

The problem with rust is it can end up in the food your grilling, trust me you don't want that! So what you waiting for? Is it a nice day? Get up let's get our barbeque charcoal grills and get barbecuing!!!

"Charcoal Grill Tips - Best Grilling Tips!"

Never use more charcoal than you need to (why waste?), start off with a small amount and gradually add more if it's required.

Use approximately 20 to 25 briquettes for every kilogram of meat you are cooking. (simple enough!)

Make sure there is enough ventilation when lighting the charcoal. (no air, no fire!)

When 50% of the charcoal turns gray it is a good indication to start cooking. The less grey ash you see the hotter the fire! (why do we burn meat? Because we start grilling too early!)

Keep your charcoal dry, always store in a place where it can't get wet, damp charcoal causes a lot of smoke. (no that is not a good thing!)

Never leave the grill unattended, flare ups and food burning can happen really quickly. (now you know how I burnt my grass.)

Oil dripping from your meat onto the charcoal can cause flare-ups. (flare-ups equal burnt food!)

Never use gasoline/petrol to light your charcoal. Yes, it will turn into a great big fire but not in a good way! (think about wouldn't put lighter fluid in your car?)

Never use lighter fluid on already lit charcoal. (unless you trying to create a bon fire!!)

"Charcoal Grill Tips - BBQ Grilling Tips (Preparation)"

Trim off excess fat and loose pieces of meat. Fat dripping will cause flare ups and will burn the meat. (less fat also makes for healthier meals!)

When cooking chicken or turkey do not use utensils that can pierce the skin as you will loose flavour. (the juice that runs out after you pierce it, actually needs to stay in!)

Do not put your cooked food back onto the same plate as the raw food was on! prevent food poisoning. (makes sense!)

Use grill brushes to brush away any left over food and oil on the grid. (it is a grill brush, so use it on your grill!)

Use a direct grilling method when making hot dogs or burgers.

Use an in-direct when grilling whole chickens and ribs.

On a hot day do not let food stand outside for longer than an hour especially if food is in direct sunlight. (bacteria thrive on hot days)

Wash all utensils and containers before using them. Use different utensils for different types of meat or wash after use each time. (you don't want your steaks tasting like chicken!)

"Charcoal Grill Tips - Tips On safety!"

Food illnesses are caused by bacteria or viruses in the food you eat. Please follow these simple steps of precaution to ensure your families health. (safety first!)

Bacteria thrive in warm temperatures keeping food at temperatures between 40 C and 140 C is dangerous as bacteria multiply rapidly in warm temperatures. This is not just for your charcoal grill tips, but also in your everyday lives.

Always try keeping your food in the fridge, leaving it at room temperature for longer than two hours becomes unsafe. Make sure your refrigerator is set below 40C.

Make sure your food is properly cooked, food needs to be cooked at a hot enough temperature and for a sustained period of time. Your temperature needs to be at least 145 C or higher.

Always wash your hands thoroughly before preparing food, make sure all your utensils are not only clean but clean from bacteria. Use a cleaning liquid that will destroy bacteria and make all your utensils safe to use.

To prevent cross-contamination, bacteria can travel from one food product to the other, never place cooked food in the same dish as you placed raw food.

Clean your utensils after every use, do not cut chicken with a knife then use it on steak without cleaning it.

Maintain cooked food above 145 C.

Put left over food in the fridge or freezer straight after you have eaten.

Do not leave food to marinate at room temperature always place it in the fridge.

Use alternatives to oils as much as you can like spray and cook for example.

"Charcoal Grill Tips - Up keep!"

Close the upper and lower air vents to extinguish the fire. (no air, no fire!)

Don't dispose ash if it is still hot. Either pour cold water over the ash or wait for it to cool down. (another reason why I burnt my grass!)

Clean grill grid after ever use, with the use of a grill brush.

At least twice a year clean the inside of the grill. Spray with oven cleaner and wipe away the dirt.

Keep grill covered when not in use. Protect it from the elements.

"Charcoal Grill Tips - Final Words!"

Most of these charcoal grill tips you already knew, I know! But... I bet you did learn a thing or to!

You are going to prepare the perfect chicken this watch! Just remember the tips you have just learnt and you will be in control for a change...

Happy Grilling!!!

"More Grilling Info!"

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