Build a Charcoal Grill

"Easy Building Ideas!"

Build a Charcoal Grill

The best way to build a charcoal grill. Simple and easy plans to build a BBQ of your own!

Impress your family and friends by building your own cooking feature, right in your BBQ.

I have included a simple building design which requires basic brick work construction. (very easy to build)

"Preparation & Foundation"
"Build a Charcoal Grill"

Initially you would need either to buy the Grill Grid and Charcoal Tray or make them yourself. You can purchase them at any BBQ specialist store. (if your making them you going to need to know how to weld)

Let's get building...

• Find the perfect space in your garden for your new Barbecue. It needs to be relatively level and clear of anything that might catch a light such as trees.

• Clear the area from rocks, sticks and debris.

• Build a solid foundation for the grill to stand on, so mark out a square on the ground, four feet in size. Then dig the square out about ten inches deep to form your foundation. (yes requires some digging)

• Fill the hole half way with concrete, then lay some rebar (steel mesh or support grid) to give it added durability. (nice & strong)

• Continue to fill the rest of the hole with concrete until it is level with the ground. (great a solid foundation)

"Brick Work - Build a BBQ"

• Once the concrete has hardened you can start the brick work. Build your base in the shape of a U (like the pic) just over a meter high and sized to fit your Grill and Tray. (I chose a U becauce an X is too difficult to build)

• Make sure your brick work is even and level as you will need to slide in the charcoal tray and the grill grid through grooves.

• Before the concrete becomes hard, make grooves in between the bricks for the tray and grill grid to slide through. This is done easily when the concrete is soft. The grooves can be made by scrapping away the concrete by using a nail.

• The groove for the charcoal tray needs to be just above mid way. Make another groove for the grill grid about three bricks above the charcoal tray.

You will be enjoying your new summer creation time and time again. When family and friends come to visit you can let them know it was built by you!!!

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