Building a Smoker Grill

"Building a Smoker Grill"

Are you looking for a quick and inexpensive way to building a smoker grill? Check this method out!

If you are looking for a temporary homemade barbecue check - homemade charcoal grills

You at home and you need a smoker barbecue? You haven't got one and none of your friends do either? is your answer!

Either go out and buy yourself one or...

Make one! Yes make is a simple and quick method anyone can do. You will be smoking your meats in no time!

This is a quick cheap design and believe or not it turns out to be a highly effective!

You ready...let's do it!

"Trash Can Smoker BBQ!"

Parts needed:

- A metal trash can

- Electric hot plate (single burner)

- Grill grid or oven grid

- Aluminum foil tray

- Wood chips

All these parts can be bought at a local hardware store and BBQ specialist store. (very cheap!)

The process:

• Start by drilling a small hole on the side of the trash can. The hole must be about 5 cm from the bottom. (make sure it's big enough for the cord to fit through)

• File the edges so the hole is smooth. (so you don't cut the cord!)

• Place the the hot plate at the botom of the trash can. Slot the cord through the hole you just drilled.

• Fill the aluminum foil tray with wood chips and place on the hot tray.

• The grill grid then gets placed on the top of the trash can. Most round grill grids are the same size as the trash can. (use your oven grid if you don't have a grill grid)

• Turn the hot plate on and shortly afterwards smoke will appear. (success!)

• Place food on the grill and start smoking.

• Control the smoke flow by leaving a small air opening with the lid.

• Raplace the wood chips every 90 minutes.

Don't open the lid too much as you will loose your desired heat level.

Keeping your temperature between 220 - 230 degrees to cook the meat right.

Trash can smokers work really well and don't cost much

This method has been tried and tested by many. So...give it go!

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