Kingsford Charcoal

"Do you know the origin of Kingsford?"

Kingsford charcoal were one of the first charcoal producers.

The company was formed by Henry Ford in the early 1920's. The charcoal was produced by the Ford Motor company. Any waste woods were charred and sold off as charcoal.


"Why Buy Kingsford?"

They one of the biggest brands in charcoal producing. Having been in the charcoal business for so many years, you can be certain Kingsford make high quality charcoal.

Produced from natural composites and real woods, the coal lights quickly and burns for longer. Gives a great smoky taste which makes it great for smoking and grilling.

A new design concept with sure fire grooves, which provide air channels for fast heating and even burning.


• Lights quickly & burns longer

• Made from natural composites

• Unique sure fire grooves

• Ready to grill in 15 minutes

Kingsford 71725

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