Grilling with Hardwood Charcoal

"Charcoal Briquettes!"

What makes Lump Hardwood Charcoal great for grilling? What to look out for when buying your charcoal?

Charcoal is made from wood that has been charred. Its a black residue obtained by removing water and oxygen. This is done by heating the wood slowly or not directly under a flame.

"Lump Charcoal"

lump charcoal

The difference between lump wood to normal charcoal is the wood it is made from. Most lump charcoal is made from deciduous and oak wood.

This wood is strong and burns for longer than other types of woods. Burns really hot and cleanly with hardly any sparking.

When the charcoal is produce the pieces come out as hard and dense blocks.

Lump wood charcoal ignites quickly and easily making it great to use on the barbecue.

"Benefits of Lump Charcoal"

• Burns hotter & longer

• Harder than briquettes

• Burns cleanly

• Ignites quickly

• Great for dense meats

• Made from natural composites

"Where can you get it?"

hardwood charcoal

Lump charcoal is becoming more and more available at convenient stores. Before you could only get it at BBQ specialist stores but now it is more readily available.

When buying lump charcoal, looking at the wood that was used to produce it. Good hard wood makes the best lump wood.

Look at the size of the charcoal pieces, good sized pieces work the best.

Here I have listed some great brands producing lump charcoal. Simple click on the image for further information.