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Bonfeu-bbq.com is a website dedicated to the love of outdoor cooking with stories and all kinds of crazy different ways to sizzle (as you may have noticed already).

As you know we named our site after our most loved grill the bon feu. A great all rounder.

Although we love to grill and have been for many years, we can't say we know everything.

"So we would love to learn more!"

outdoor cooking We created this page to learn more, here you can go wild with experiences and good times that you´ve had outdoor cooking!!!

Here below are sub categories where visitors from all over the world can leave comments about crazy times they had around their grills.

Here too you will find a place where you can submit traditional family recipes.

Browse through and become part of our barbecue community... Feel free to comment.

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• Campfire Cooking

What others are doing outdoors around the campfire.
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