Grilling Ideas

"So what to do on the BBQ?"

Grilling Ideas are more about the recipes.

Having a Barbecue is all about getting together with friends and family and a time where you can express yourself.

There's not much to it really, as long as you show great hospitality, serve fresh food and a little alchohol you'll be on your way.

With regards to BBQ ideas, choosing a recipe would be more in line with specific ideas.

"BBQ Ideas vs BBQ Recipes?"

With a BBQ you need a few appetizers, not too many otherwise people may get too full and not eat their meal.

For the main meal, depending on your traditions and religion, think of your meats whether beef, lamb, pork, chicken or fish.

If you have concerns with certain guests in terms of their customs. Fish, Chicken and Lamb are always a safe option.

Veggies are also great with either a pasta salad, rice, bread and sauces.

The rest is really more about food choices and recipes.

"Have you got any ideas you would like to share?"

Great grilling ideas whether that be a specific method of grilling or a specific process that you love to talk about?

Well this page is dedicated to like minded grill enthusiasts, professional or non professional.

We love to try different methods and techniques and when we find one, we like we post it here for you to try.

Our readers would love to follow what you have in mind as well, so if you know of a cool idea that you would like to share, enjoy yourself here.

"Fresh Caught Bluefish for example!"

This pic is of a fresh caught bluefish, stuffed with fresh herbs and lemon on a charcoal grill together with tomatoes, onions and hot peppers. Try this together with a nice chilled Chardonnay.

So what should we try on the grill?

Got any ideas that we should know about? If your idea turns out to be great, we'll send it out to our BBQ community for them to try.

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