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Purchasing Tips

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Right...let's get straight to it!

Ask yourself these questions:

• Does the smoker suit your exact needs? (what you using it for?)

• Is it sturdy & long lasting? (quality materials)

• Is it practical ?

• Has it got the features you need? (cool flashing lights!)

• Is safe to use? (safety first!)

The answer:

- Needs to be big enough for you & your family.

- Good quality steel or materials. (oh yes!)

- Easy to maintain & manage. (user friedly) * The fewest moving parts.

- Rust free.

Okay...I know it's a lot to take in at once but don't worry below i've slected some of the best sellers. These smokers have been used by grillers worldwide with many happy users.

You ready? Let's find your perfect smoker!!

Buyers Guide

Here is a catalogue of great smokers, all come highly recommended by many grillers worldwide!

All the grills are available on Amazon, for online purchase. Amazon have a great selection and offer really good prices. All products have reviews by other users, so you can make an informative decision! All smokers will be delivered to your door step within a few days!

To flip through the catalogue simply click on the numbers. See something you like? Click on the image for more information!!

When purchasing a smoker make sure it does exactly what you want it to. It must be large enough for your whole family and last you a long time.

Trust you found your perfect smoker? If not, don´t worry! Below are a list of smokers that are recommended by others. Have a look!!

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