Weber Smokey Joe Gold and Silver

"Do you know the difference between the two?"

These Weber Smokey Joe Portable Charcoal Grills are both excellent Grills.

So what's the difference between the two then?

Let's start with the Smokey Joe Silver -

  Smokey Joe Silver
  Portable Charcoal Grill

  Air vents located near coals
  Rust free alloy vent controller on lid.
  Plated steel cooking grate
  Porcelain Enamel frame
  10 Year Limited Warrantee
Unique Ash Catcher
14.5 Inch Cooking Surface

The Smokey Joe Silver has a unique ash catcher and air vent surrounding the coals. This means the coals burn brighter and hotter than the Gold when the lid is on.

The Weber Smokey Joe Gold has a unique handle that locks the lid enabling you to carry it. It can also be carried when hot which is an extra bonus.

This handle also supports the lid keeping it attched to the side of the Gold as seen in the diagram below.

  Smokey Joe Gold
  Portable Charcoal Grill

  Movable Handle
  Handle secures lid on top and side
  Plated steel cooking grate
  Porcelain Enamel frame
  10 Year Limited Warrantee
Unique Movable Handle
Holds the lid

14.5 Inch Cooking Surface

The question is, which grill out of the two serves it's purpose better?

There may be better ventilation on the Smokey Joe Silver which means it will burn brighter and hotter but by a very small margin.

In our opinion the Smokey Joe Gold is better for portability for the simple reason of the handle. Simply add more coals for heat.

So, at the end of the day, they are both great portable charcoal grills. Use your gut feel to determine which one's right for you.

Smokey Joe Gold Smokey Joe Silver
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