The O Grill

"Why is it called the O Grill?"

We have no idea, we can only imagine because it looks like an egg or an O!

The design of the Grill is absolute brilliance. It resembles a sea shell that can open and close with a handle perfectly shaped for portability.

If you enjoy camping this Tabletop Gas Grill will compliment your outdoor lifestyle.

Fair  height  from the table so you can be sure there's no burn left behind.

Easy to clean and lightweight built.

Ideal for most meats, Burgers, Chicken legs and breasts, chops, fish and vegetable dishes.

Flame burns with Lid closed ideal for ribs.

You can use this Grill indoors as well. Just incase you get caught out with that surprise downpour or that blizzard you never saw coming!!

weber grill


Portable Gas Grill
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Fuel - 14.1 oz / 17.4 oz propane gas cylinders

• Stamped Sheel Metal with integral grease pan

• 9500 BTU (British Thermal Units)Heat output

• 4 Hours run time

• 225 Sq'inch cooking surface

• 20.5" x 8.5" x 23" dimensions (525 x 215 x 580mm)

It's wise to keep the grill clean after using. We recommend a light cloth or sponge with a hint of soap. Avoid steel wool as this may scar the teflon coated grill.

For stubborn bits of food, leave the grill submerged in water overnight and then clean in the morning as this should loosen things for you and make it easier to clean.

weber grill
weber grill  weber grill 

weber grill

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