Portable Gas Grills

"Why Portable?"

As you know portable gas grills are great for camping and outdoor getaways.

They're also very popular nowadays, especially in Cities where everyone lives in apartments.

On the balcony, Outdoor Gas Grills burn very cleanly by releasing vapour created by the fats sizzling off the grids instead of smoke.

The smoke is actually predominantly steam and has the fragrance of a great tasting meal.

It's much like using kitchen apparatus except outside.

Charcoal Grills can release a darker smoke which smells like smoke.

I always say if the neighbours complain, invite them to join you.

"What grills should we look at then?"

The grills I've highlighted
below are well known, good
quality and fairly easy to
come by.

Click on the grill you're
Interested in to find all the details.

 Weber Char Q
 Portable Gas BBQ

 Simple and Compact 
 Small to Medium
 Cast Iron Grates
The full range 
weber grill  
 Weber Go Anywhere
 Portable Gas BBQ

 Gets cooking fast
 Patented Flavorizer
 160 Sq.In. Grill grid

weber grill   Coleman Roadtrip
 Classic Blue

 Campers Grill
 Foldable Legs
 285 sq.in.Grill
 Optional Wheels

weber grill  Portable Gas BBQ

 Convenient Lid Hook
 Foldable Legs
 187 sq.in. Grid
 Heat Resistant Handle
 Affordable price

weber grill  O-Grill
 Portable Gas BBQ

 1 hand carry
 Foldable Legs
 225 sq.in.Grid
 Great for camping
 Comes in 4 Colors
weber grill  Cadac Safari Grill 
 Portable Gas BBQ

 5 Cooking surfaces
 Only 4kgs
 225 sq.in. Grid
 Great for camping
 Includes Travel Pack

"So is that it?"


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