Bodum Fyrkat Portable BBQ Description

"They are just so nice."

The Bodum Fyrkat Portable BBQ is a cute little number.

There are no other words for them except they just so cool!

Well priced too!

Made with enamel-coated steel, silcone handles and lockable lid clips.

A good 13.4" diameter cooking surface and a steel plated cooking grate.

Just the pefect Portable Charcoal grill.

They come in a great range of colours.

The lid comes with 3 clips and a center handle for when you need to carry it around. Very straightforward and easy.

1 thing thats hard to find with portable charcoal grills is a portable charcoal kettle grill.

Traditionally you will find many grills with just grill grid and base but no lid. The beauty with the bodum is you have both so smoking is also an option when grilling.

The Bodum Fyrkat Charcoal Grill, ideal for camping, picnicing and caravaning around the country side because of it's storage size so it won't bother you with clutter.

Great for easy family meals, 6 to 7 hamburgers, 4 to 5 x 200 to 300gram entrecĂ´te steaks. 4 to 5 Chicken breasts.

It's also quite a funky colourful grill which will shine with the ladies, they'll say it's cute.

 Bodum Fyrkat 
 Portable Charcoal Grill

 13.4" Cooking surface

 Nylon Handles
 Lid clips
 Enamel Coated Steel
 Steel plated legs

Nice grills hey, so which colour then?

Bodum Fyrkat
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