Weber Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill

"Let's take a look at this Portable BBQ from Weber Charcoal Grills"

The Weber go anywhere Charcoal Grill was built for portability!

Heavy duty legs fold up over the lid and act a lid locks making it very easy to move around.

It's built out of the traditonal Weber Porcelain and Enamel with a plated steel cooking grate

Very strong glass reinforced nylon handles.

 Weber Go Anywhere
 Charcoal Barbecue

 Adjustable Air Vents on top
 Glass reinforced nylon Handels.
 Plated Steel Cooking Grate
 Plated Steel legs
 Legs fold to secure the lid

"All you need is charcoal!"

Once again another great addition to the Weber Charcoal Grills range.
Lightweight, portable and easy to use.

Go Anywhere Charcoal
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