The Hibachi Grill

"Straight forward and robust is the order of the day!"

The Hibachi Grill is great for apartments, balconies and terraces.

• Made out of heavy duty cast iron with adjustable cooking grids.
• 157"Sq Inch cooking surface.
• Wood grid handles on grids allow for protected adjustment.
• Wood grid carry handles.
• Raised edges on grill grids.

The cast iron material is always a winner when it comes to Charcoal grills, you need something robust to handle the heat.

1 of the Great Traditional Charcoal Grills

This grill although portable would be ideal for small spaces.

If you're constrained to a small cooking area like on a balcony, you'll find the Hibachi to be perfect because it's something that fits perfectly on a table and fits well in the boot of a car.

Big enough to handle 8 burgers at once. Had to get that in there, we're nuts about Burgers.

Hibachi Portable Grill
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