Son of Hibachi Portable BBQ

"What can this gill do? Let's have a look!"

The Son of Hibachi Portable BBQ is just crazy!!

• 7 Min Start up
• Self cleaning
• Self extinguishing
• Portable immediately

"It's like a grill out of the Transformers movie."

  Son of Hibachi
  Portable Charcoal Grill

  Patented Fire Starter System
  Ash box
  Fire out extinguishing carry bag
  Self cleaning
Unique, 1 of a kind
All in 1

With so many grills on the market one cannot help but to try and think of something original.

With Barbecues, just thinking of all the designs that have come out, trying to bring out a new concept is like trying to re-create the wheel.

The Son of Hibachi manufacturers took this Portable BBQ to a whole new level.

Absolutely brilliant!

Here below is a quick link to Amazon if you wish to find one for yourself.

Son of Hibachi
Available on Amazon

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