Weber Char Q Portable BBQ

"Let's have a look at this Portable BBQ!"

Weber Char Q is a well made Portable BBQ!

It has specially designed top and bottom dampers which allow for airflow and heat control.

In addition to this, it has a cast iron cooking grate and an independent coal tray.

Designed with handles for extra portability.

Excellent for indirect grilling method. Ribs and roasts!

 Char Q
 Charcoal Barbecue

 Air Vents top and Bottom
 Removable Catch Pan
 Cast Iron Cooking Grate
 Liftable access to coal
 Simple easy to clean
 Charcoal Basket
 Carry Handles 
 Optional extra Cart
 Try table top grilling
 Easy to move around

"Quality, straight forward and simple!"

This is another great all rounder from Weber.

It's not only portable, it can also be transformed into a grill with a stand which is an optional extra for the grill.

A good idea for this Portable Char Q Barbecue would be to try it out as a Portable BBQ, and then if you feel it's not enough, you can simply just upgrade it with the accessories.

Sometimes one wonders if a bigger grill is the answer. But the thing is unless you have a family of 20 the smaller grills are still big enough to cook for a good party of guests. It's more about cooking the slower meats first, anything with bone takes longer to cook so cook them first.

Patties, fillets and veggies cook quicker.

Potable Char Q Char Q Stand
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