The Great Charcoal Grills

"Let's start with Weber Grills and then we'll look at Char-Griller!"

Old school "Charcoal Grills."

When you think of a Charcoal Barbecue,
what more can one expect from it
except a cooking grate and hot coals.

The Answer?

"Good Food, Good Times and Good Company!"

The best selling Grills worldwide have always been the Weber grills.

Weber set the standard for BBQs, they have been market leaders from the beginning and with the reputation they have and the grills they're bringing out nowadays, it looks like they will continue leading for years to come.

We've selected the most popular charcoal Barbecues on the net. Weber take first position followed by other great runner ups.

We have links for online purchase on the grill pages.

weber grill
  Weber One Touch
  Kettle Grills
  Gold and Silver
  Setting Industry Standards
weber grill 
 Weber One Touch
 Stretching the Boundries
weber grill  Weber Performer
 Sets the stage for Encore

 All the bells and whistles
weber grill  Weber Ranch Kettle
 Ideal for Catering

 Massive 1104 Sq Inch Grill

Welcome Char Griller!

Also great outdoor grills.

These grills are also very popular on the web.

weber grill
  Patio Pro
  Compact Grill
  Ideal for your Patio
weber grill 
 Bit more size for the Patio
weber grill 
 Pro Delux
 For Backyard Proffessionals

 Massive 1000" Sqaured

"There's nothing like a good BBQ!"

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