Grill Thermometer

"Which One do you Get?"

Control the best grilled meat you ever had, by using a grill thermometer. Barbecue thermometers have become an essential device at any BBQ.

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Barbecue Thermometer - Buyers Guide (great thermometers)

Grilling Temperatures (perfect grilling temperatures)

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With barbecuing being more of an art than a science, do you need a thermometer? know that all different meats have an ideal cooking temperature.

If you looking to go that extra mile and prepare the perfect piece of steak or that perfectly grilled chicken, then a grill thermometer would be essential...

Instead of using your hand and instinct to judge the heat of your grill a thermometer will tell you! (makes sense now!)

It can be difficult grilling large portions of meat like BBQ brisket for instance. Trying to figure out if it is done or not...

With a grill thermometer giving you the internal temperature, you will know exactly when it is done!! (oh yes!!)

No more burning your food on a charcoal grill because you have not judge the heat right?

Be able to grill delicate foods like chicken and fish just right. ( more dry chicken!) will know when the food is safe to serve! (no one getting sick)

So.. yes it is not cheating just a helping hand, get yourself a BBQ thermometer!

"Buyers guide - Taylor Grill Thermometers"

Grill thermometers come in many different forms, so which one do you choose?

Surface Thermometer: Gives you the surface temperature! Great for placing on the grill grid and reading surface temperature of the food. (makes sense!)

Internal Thermometer: Gives you a reading of the internal temperature of the food you are grilling! Perfect for large pieces of meat!

I have listed below a large selection of thermometers for you to choose from...

Some are digital, some are analogue and some have cool displays...

Choose what will suit you best!! To flip through the catalogue click on the numbers and see one you like simply click on the image!

"Buyers guide - Taylor Grill Thermometers"


• Designed to measure the temperature of the actual cooking surface

• For use with frying pans, griddles, barbecue grill, racks, and more

• Easy-read dial also shows best grilling and searing ranges

• Stainless steel housing, lifting tabs for easy removal

• Measures up to 700 degrees F

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My personal favourite very easy to use. You judge the heat of our grilling surface by placing the thermometer on the grill grid. (surface thermometer!)

The display is an analogue dial, get the readings instantly. I highly recommend this unit!

To purchase and for further information click on the image above.

Weber 9815 Replacement Thermometer


• Reads the temperature inside the cooking chamber

• Fits all Weber gas grills

• Fits Weber master touch kettles

• Fits all Weber performer grills

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Similar to the surface thermometers but they have a steel spine attached.

These are great for measuring the internal temperatures of food. (internal thermometer)

Also uses the analogue dial display which gives readings instantly. Used by many worldwide!

To purchase and for more information click on the image above.

Oregon Scientific AW131 Grill Right Wireless Talking Oven/Barbecue Thermometer


• Oven/barbecue wireless thermometer with digital LCD screen for perfectly cooked meat

• Stainless-steel 6-inch detachable probe; temperature display from 32 to 572 degrees F

• 8 entree programs; 4 doneness selections; 2 verbal and 3 audio alert options

• Transmission range up to 330 feet away; low-battery indicator; batteries included

• Main unit measures 5-3/5 by 2-3/4 by 1-1/2 inches; remote unit measures 3-2/5 by 3-2/5 by 1-1/5 inches

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A bit more advanced than the surface units. It has a digital displays that tell you more than you need to know.

They work by placing the thermometer on the actual food and shortly afterwards getting a reading from the display. (you will even use this in the kitchen!)

For further information and to purchase click on the image above. you got the thermometer you need the perfect grilling temperatures...

No point having one without the other! you go, see our Grilling Temperatures page! Only after you got your thermometer!