Grilling Temperatures

"Grill your Meats Perfectly!"

Get the most out of your barbecue experience and grill food perfectly with these grilling temperatures.

Understand the right cooking temperatures for the meats you are grilling! your grill either has a built in thermometer or you have purchased a new hand held device...

Let me give you the correct cooking temperatures!!

A gas grill is a tad bit easier to get your desired temperature. But, with practice you'll get better and better at it with your charcoal grill!

Cooking the meat properly will make it juicy and very tasty but also make it safe to eat! (no one getting sick!!)

Good...let's get to it..

"Fresh Beef"

Grilling temperatures All temperatures in Celcius

• Medium Rare: 63

• Medium: 71

• Well Done: 77

• Ground Beef: 71

"Fresh Lamb"

Raw lamb BBQ Temperature

• Medium Rare: 63

• Medium: 71

• Well Done: 77

"Fresh Veal"

Raw veal Barbecue Temperature

• Medium Rare: 63

• Medium: 71

• Well Done: 77


Raw chicken Barbecue temperature

• Chicken: 82

• Turkey: 82

• Stuffing: 74

"Fresh Pork"

Raw pork BBQ Temperature

• Medium: 71

• Well Done: 77

"Cured Pork"

Raw ham Gas Barbecue Temperatures

• Ham: 71

• Sausage: 71

"Your Thermometer"

Do you think that your barbecue thermometer might be a little inaccurate?

Test it!!



Boil water and use the thermometer to measure the temperature. If it is not 100 degrees celsius, it needs to be replaced!!

Here you go...take a peak at our page on Grill Thermometers! have your correct BBQ cooking temperatures and your working thermometer.

You are in control of your barbecue.