Cooking Barbeque Pork Ribs

"How to BBQ Ribs!"

Cooking Barbeque Pork Ribs

Are you going to be cooking barbeque pork ribs this weekend? Would you like to grill them to perfection?

BBQ Ribs are without a doubt my personal favourite! I haven't had anyone complain after I made a few sticky barbecue ribs!(unless they're a vegetarian!)

Nothing beats perfectly grilled succulent ribs! Let me show you how to get them the way you want! (off the bone tender!)

The secret with ribs is to grill them nice and slowly, do them too fast and they will just dry out!

Let's get straight to it and purchase the perfect ribs!

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"What you should buy before Cooking Barbeque Pork Ribs!"

There are two basic rib cuts, namely baby back and spare ribs. Choose pork as it just turns out better for the grill than beef!

Baby back ribs are leaner, more tender and have a slightly milder taste. They are more forgiving on the grill, so for me they would be the first choice.

Spare ribs takes a little longer to grill as the meat isn't as tender. With the meat being slightly tougher, they don't tend to burn as easy as baby back ribs. When done right, you can get them really tender and tasty. (still a good choice for the grill!)

The outer membrane is chewy and tasteless, needs to be removed. Ask your butcher to remove it for you, if he wasn't able to see below for an easy method!

Preparing your Barbecue Pork Ribs

• To remove outer membranne, start by scrapping off the membrane at one of the corners. (use a sharp knife!)

• Use your hand to pull off the rest. Sometimes the membrane can be slippery to grab, so use a paper towel to grip it properly.

• Don't remove the second membrane as this holds the bones together. (your ribs will fall apart!)

• Remove any excess fat or loose pieces of meat, as this will only dry out on the grill. (no dry meat!)

• Sprinkle over your favourite rib rub to create a tasty crust on the surface. See BBQ rib rub for tasty recipes!

• Gentle rub ingredients into the surface of the ribs. (get the flavours into the meat!)

• Place some aluminum foil over and leave on the counter for 20 minutes for the flavours to sink through.

Tips: Removing the membrane becomes easier the more you do it, after a while it becomes second nature. Don't leave the ribs for longer then 30 minutes as the spices in the rub can cure the meat and make it taste like ham. (20 minutes for the flavours to sink throuh, then get it to the grill!)

Perfect...our ribs are ready, let's get them on the grill!

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Cooking Barbeque Pork Ribs

• Start up your grill using an indirect grilling method.

• Let the grill reach a medium heat. (charcoal 70% grey!)

• Sprinkle over the charcoal a hanful of damp wood chippings. (use flavoured wood to add smoke!)

• Lightly grease the grill grid with olive oil.

• Place the ribs on the grill grid over the aluminum foil tray, as explained in indirect grilling method.

• Close the lid and grill the ribs for an hour.

• After the first hour, open the lid and turn the ribs 90 degrees.

• Top up charcoal & wood chips. (keep a constant heat!)

• Close the lid and grill for another hour.

• Repeat process until the ribs are cooked thorugh. (2 -3 hours!)

• Last 30 minutes of grilling tightly wrap the ribs in aluminum foil. Place back on the BBQ. (foil keeps in the moisture)

• Once done leave to settle for 5 minutes before serving. Serve with your favourite rib sauce. Check out barbecue rib sauces for tasty homemade sauce recipes!

Yummy!! Sticking, delicious tender ribs!! Enjoy!

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After every hour top up with 10 or so briquettes and a handful of wood chips. Use flavoured wood chips like apple or cherry, don't use pine or oak! (they will give off a bad taste!)

Always move ribs 90 degrees after every hour so that all the ribs get cooked evenly.

Only add a sauce with the foil for the last 30 mintues, the sugar in rib sauce will burn with the high heat of the grill. Don't add foil on the ribs too early as it will make your ribs taste like they were steamed.

If you think your ribs are done do the 'ready test', hold ribs up at the one end and if the ribs bend down almost to breaking point then they are done!

I will admit that cooking barbeque pork ribs can be a challenge but all the best things in life are hard to get right! The more you do it the better you will get, just remember the tips I gave you.

This method works really well for me, my family make me prepare it for them at least once a month! (I don't mind at all!!)

Happy Grilling!!

Best Regards