Barbecue Rib Sauces

"Bbq Rib Sauce!"

Are you thinking of making Barbecue rib sauces?

We have some delicious and easy to do recipes for you to try!!

"Classic Tomato Rib Sauce!"

Tomato Ingredients

- 1 Can of tomato pasta sauce

- Tablespoon of basil

- Tablespoon of brown sugar

- 2 Tablespoons of tomato paste

- Tablespoon of dry mustard

- Ground black pepper

- 3 Cloves of minced garlic

- Tablespoon of olive oil

- Tablespoon of vinegar

- 1 Minced onion


Cook the onion with some olive oil for bout five minutes, till opaque. Add tomato sauce with the tomato paste.

Then add basil and brown sugar to the ingredients and mix.

Let ingredients simmer, and then add dry mustard and the garlic. Finally add the vinegar and pepper for taste.

Let simmer for a further eight minutes, makes approximately a cup and a half of BBQ rib sauce.

"Hot Rib Barbecue Sauce"

Paprika Ingredients

- Tablespoon of pepper sauce

- Tablespoon of paprika

- Half cup of water

- 2 Teaspoons of Tabasco sauce

- Quarter cup of lime juice

- 2 Tablespoons tomato paste

- 1 Minced red chili

- Tablespoon of chili powder


Mix the chili with the chili powder in a hot pot. Then add the water and lime juice.

Bring to a simmer and then add tomato paste with Tabasco sauce.

Add pepper sauce with the paprika and let ingredients simmer for ten minutes.

Makes a cup of chilli rib sauce. This is definitely my favourite BBQ rib sauce, beware it is very addictive.

"Fruity BBQ Rib Sauce"

Fruit Ingredients

- 1 Can tomato pasta sauce

- 1 Can crushed pineapple

- 1 minced onion

- Half cup apple juice

- Half cup orange juice

- Quarter cup brown sugar

- Quarter cup HP sauce

- Tablespoon olive oil


Cook the minced onion with some olive oil then add the pineapple. Pour and mix the can of tomato pasta sauce with the HP sauce, mix ingredients together.

Add brown sugar together with the apple and orange juice.

Let ingredients simmer for five minutes before serving on the ribs. Makes two cups of barbecue rib sauce.

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