Salt Lick in Texas

"The Salt Lick is based in Driftwood Texas"

"Salt Lick Barbecue"

Salt Lick in Texas - Wow, where do I begin, this place is off the scales delicious, it all started back in 1967 when Thurman the owner with a great reputation for tasty bbq´s, moved on from cooking just for family reunions to include paying customers and I can say a lot of people are very appreciative of that.

The salt lick Barbecue have been in numerous food programs like Man v. food tempting Adam Richman with their brisket, baby back and not forgetting the sausages, and have been voted by New York times top “31 places to go this summer”. The Salt lick have also won various awards of the years, by the Austin Chronicle almost have won almost every year Best Barbecue and Best restaurant within 60 miles. So you just know you are on to a winner.

Now for the menu, how hungry are you? Go for their famous family style menu, all you can eat brisket, pork ribs, potato salad, cole slaw and beans. Let me repeat.. all you can eat!!.

Thinking of getting married or organizing a party, The Salt lick bbq not just offers great food but they have options for you to choose from to have your event, looking for a rustic mansion, then the Thurmans mansion would be exactly what you are looking for, watch the sunset over the vineyards, enjoy the wood beam ceiling to the rustic tile flooring, and many more choices to choose from.

Once you have visited The Salt Lick in Texas, you are going to be craving their meat .. a lot! And if you are like us and cant get there to satisfy the craving the The Salt lick have come up with a solution, the Salt lick cookbook, yes you heard me! It includes how to sear and slow cook, Recipes include blueberry muffins, cole slaw and much more tasty things you don’t want to miss.

The salt lick bbq has been visited by numerous celebs, Sandra bullock, Dennis Quaid and the list goes on (yes there is a list) but don’t take my word for it read some testimonials from trip advisor:

They serve in excess of 600 000 customers each year!

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