Lockhart BBQ

"Lockhart Smokehouse"

"One of the best BBQ Restaurants in Lockhart!"

Let's talk about the Lockhart BBQ! - Wondering what to do for Friday night supper, but don’t feel like getting dressed up or even the thought of getting the kids ready sends you twitching?

Are you visiting Dallas and looking for something more relaxed and family friendly? Then I would definitely recommend Lockhart Smokehouse. The friendly relaxing atmosphere will loosen up those tense muscles for sure and the deliciously smoked meat will cure those hunger pains.

The Lockhart Smokehouse offer the counter service method, so pop in look at all the delicious meat on offer and make your decision and hey presto, the meat is all sliced to order and the counter is right next to the smoker. So from the smoker, it couldn’t get to you any quicker. Once you have your food, which is wrapped in butcher paper, grab a seat.

What’s on the menu? They charge by the half pound but if you don’t think you can eat that much you can order less, but don’t bother once you´ve had a taste you will want the half-pound. They have beef brisket, shoulder clod, pork chops, ribs, their famous 110-year-old recipe of Kreuz Original sausages and so much more.

Love the food and want it at your next party of event? well then you have it made Lockhart also offer catering with their various locations also a option for venue. Their catering menu offers a “build your own buffet” with loads of yummy choices to choose from or if your current caterer has pulled out they have a catering menu to offer with just 72 hours notice!

Lockhart Smokehouse has been voted in the top 50 Barbecue joints by the Texas monthly and we couldn’t help but highlight them on our site, believed to be the great food, the people and the atmosphere, believed to feel like you are coming to see great friends with their delicious food.

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