How to Smoke Chicken - Smoking Chicken

"Check Out These Great Tips!"

Here we have tips on how to smoke chicken!!

Smoking chicken isn't as hard as it seems.

It is relatively quick compared to smoking other types of meat!

You can even use your normal charcoal kettle grill to smoke chicken but preferably use a smoker...

Let's get to it!

smoked chicken

"Let's prepare the Smoked Chicken!"

• Start your preparation the day before as you need the flavours to sink through the chicken.

• Remove all the chicken giblets if they haven't been removed already. (giblets don't work well on the BBQ!)

• Cut off any loose pieces of meat and any excess fat. Season with your favourite chicken rub. Or check out BBQ chicken rub for great tasting rub recipes!

• Once you are done with the flavouring place the chicken in a zip lock bag and place it in the refrigerator.

• The zip lock locks in all the great flavours!!

• Give it a good ten hours for the flavours to sink through. (oh yes!!)

"Lighting the Grill!"

Kettle Grill

• Start by lighting the grill as normal. Once the coals have been burning a while and reached 30% grey, push them to the side of the grill grate.

• Then place a foil tray on the other side. This is an indirect grilling technique. More on this visit indirect grilling method.

• Sprinkle over the charcoal a few damp wood chips. (this will create more smoke)

Charcoal Smoker

• Light up the smoker as you normally would but make sure you place some wood chips in smoker box or at least over the coals.

• Soak your wood chips in water, so they create more smoke while they burning. Use a wood like mesquite, as this will give off a tasty flavour to the chicken! (cherry & apple wood work great to!)

Great stuff...we ready to start grilling!

bbq chicken

"Smoking Chicken!"

Kettle Grill

Grease the grill grid well and place the chicken on the grill over the foil tray.

Place the lid over and open the air vents slightly.

Smoke the chicken for an hour, then open the lid and turn the chicken 180 degrees. The other side will now be facing the coals.

You will need to add a few more coals to keep a constant heat. Sprinkle over a handful of damp wood chips to keep the smoke levels up!

Baste the chicken with some lemon juice or a chicken marinade, to prevent it from drying out.

Close the lid and smoke for another hour.

Once done let it rest for 10 minutes before serving. Pour over the juices that collected in the foil tray!! Enjoy!!

How to Smoke Chicken with a Charcoal Smoker

Get the smoker up to 200 degrees and place the chicken on. Smoke for an hour!

Open the lid and pour over some lemon juice. Top up the charcoal briquettes and wood chips if need be!

Close the lid and smoke for another hour.

Once done always do a check to see if it cooked properly by slicing through the meat with a knife.

Serve with a tasty barbecue sauce! Nice!!!