The H2O and Charcoal Charbroil Smoker

"Would you use Water or Beer when you smoke the meat?"

The Charbroil Smoker H2O and Charcoal Grill is ideal for Smoking and Barbecuing your favorite foods.

Porcelain water pan giving adequate moisture internally and a large door giving plenty of room to add coals.

weber grill
H2O Smoker
 16.9" Diameter

Dimensions Assembled (in inches) - 21.9 x 16.9 x 31.8, Weight - 36 lbs.

This another great Smoker, with 16.9 inch diameter making it a little larger than the others displayed on this site.

There is very little difference in the functionality of Charcoal Smokers. Here you have what you need to smoke your BBQ to perfection.

Charcoal & H2O
16.9" Inch
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