Brinkman Smoker

"Smoke it and Grill it!"

The Brinkman Smoker!

Brinkman are also very popular grill makers, known for robust heavy duty grills.

The best choice of wood for smoking is fruit wood. Different woods have different flavours and specific wood breeds go with different recipes.

Wood chunks are traditionally preferred over wood chips, wood chips burn out too quickly.

If you're smoking ribs, you're looking at enough space for 4 to 6 rib racks.

Brinkmans are designed to smoke at 250° so no need for adjustments. The minimum temperature required to cook -

Turkey - 180°F

Pork - 160°F

Chicken - 180°F

Beef - 145°F

If you wish for the parts of your smoker to last long, curing the materials comes as standard. You should cure the inner materials with Pam, Peanut Oil cooking oil or even bacon greese to seal out rust.

Here below is the outline of their amazing Smoke-N-Grill Charcoal Smoker.

weber grill
 15.5" Diameter

Porcelain coated steel charcoal and water pan. The water pan keeps moisture in the chamber which prevents your meat from drying out.

2 Chrome Plated steel grill grids with 50 lbs capacity.

Wooden Handles for cool carry.

Heat indicator and front hinged door.

The lid has a 1/2" gap to allow the smoker to breathe and the smoke to escape.

Smoke'N Grill
15.5" Inch
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"Last words."

Brinkmann are huge, they almost have an endless range of outdoor grills to choose from.

Keep an eye on our blog for updates which will include Brinkmann.