How to Smoke Ribs

"Smoked BBQ Ribs!"

Do you know how to smoke ribs to perfection? Get them really juicy and tasty! If not feel free to this a go!

When it comes to smoking ribs there are two things you need patience and time!

smoked ribs

"Preparation on Smoking Ribs"

• The fresher the ribs are the better, try purchase ribs that haven't been frozen. Freezing ribs and then thawing them makes them lose flavour. (we don't want that!)

• If it's too late and you have already frozen yours, don't stress. Let them thaw out overnight in the refrigerator rather than defrosting them in the microwave. We want to keep as much flavour as possible! (remember not to freeze them next time!)

• Try purchasing ribs that have already been trimmed and had their chewy membrane removed.

• Ask your butcher to do all trimming and removing of the membrane for you! (Save yourself time!)

• If he has already left for the day, be sure to check out cooking barbeque pork ribs for a full illustration.

• If you are on a diet then remove as much fat as you can, use a sharp knife. (leave a little on for when you smoke it!)

Let's get to the seasoning! (my mouths watering already!)

"Seasoning - BBQ Ribs"

• Season your ribs the night before, give the meat time to absorb all flavours.

• Start by coating the ribs with a thin layer of olive oil. Sprinkle over your favourite dry rib rub, remembering to coat both sides. (drench it in the stuff)

• If you are planning on making your own rub, use ingredients that won't over power the ribs. Use flavours that will compliment and bring out its natural flavour. Check out BBQ rib rub for recipe ideas!

• Once you have fully coated your ribs, cover them up with tin foil and place in the refrigerator.

• Leave it in there for about 8 hours or so, let the rub works it's magic!!

Grilling Time!! (oh yes!)

smoked ribs

"How to Smoke Ribs - Smoking Ribs"

Remove the ribs from the refrigerator and place them on the counter. Leave them there for 30 minutes, let them reach room temperature before smoking! (no longer than 40 minutes)

Preheat your smoker to 220 - 250 degrees and place your favourite wood chips in to smoke. (apple wood works wonders!)

Soak your wood chips in water before hand so they smoke for longer. (10 minutes or so!) Then place them in the smoker box or over the charcoal briquettes!

The secret with how to smoke ribs is to smoke them nice and slowly! Place the ribs on a greased grid and close the lid.

Smoke for an hour and open the lid, coat them with a layer of your favourite barbecue sauce. Use a sauce that has no sugar added. (sugar burns at high temperatures)

Close the lid and smoke for another hour.

Open the lid again and coat them with some more barbecue sauce and this time wrap them up in aluminum foil.

Then...smoke for another two hours with the lid closed!

Take them off...but wait do the ready test! Pick up one side of the rib rack and if ribs bend down almost breaking apart then they done! (if not, back in the smoker for another 30 minutes!)

Let the ribs settle for 10 minutes before serving them. You can slice up the ribs or serve them as whole racks.

Serve with your favourite rib sauce, enjoy! i'm sure you will!!