How to BBQ Shrimp

"Grilling tips for Shrimp!"

Do you know how to BBQ shrimp the easy way? Barbecue shrimp is a must have at any BBQ! Use these grilling techniques to get them grilled perfectly!

Shrimp is my most enjoyable food to BBQ, it grills so quick and easily. taste so good!

There are many different flavours and recipes you can use when grilling shrimp. Barbecuing your shrimp can be a nice alternative to the normal frying or baking it.

You can serve it up as a main course meal or on skewers as a tasty appetizer.

I love a bit of melted butter and garlic sauce with my BBQ shrimp.

Shrimp are labeled with their country of origin namely Canada, china, United States, Thailand and Vietnam depending on the season.

Prices may differ from country to country due to import and fishing costs. Another huge price factor is the species of shrimp it is, there are over 300 different shrimp species in the world.

grilling shrimp

"Buying Shrimp - What To Buy"

• Generally shrimp come in three different sizes small, medium and large. When you intend on grilling your shrimp go for the medium to large sizes.

• Shrimp should ideally be eaten within 24 hours after purchase as it is highly perishable.

• You can freeze your shrimp which will retain its quality over several weeks.

• Fresh shrimp should only smell of salt water, any other smell tends to mean it is past its prime.

• Do not buy shrimp with black spots or rings on them, this means the meat is starting to beak down (unless the species of shrimp has black markings on them).

• Never buy frozen shrimp that has had their shells removed, shells protect the meat and add flavour to it.

Perfect...we got our shrimp let's prepare it for the grill!

"Preparing Barbecue Shrimp"

• Never defrost your shrimp at room temperature always use a microwave for defrosting.

• De-veining your shrimp is easier to do before you grill them, in its raw state.

• The vein that needs to be removed is the black vein that runs along the back of the shrimp. This vein is the digestive tract of the shrimp which is edible but it tastes better without it.

• To de-vein simply slit the back of the shrimp with a small sharp knife, and pull the black vein out.

• Do not over marinate shrimp it can take away the actual shrimp taste. Because shrimp cooks so fast you may use sugar marinates such as cajun and honey.

• Sprinkle over a little salt and black pepper. Be careful not to over season!

Awsome...our shrimp is ready lets get it on the grill!

barbecue shrimp

"How To BBQ Shrimp"

• Pre-heat the grill to a high heat.

• Shrimp needs to be cooked quickly to keep the flavour, never over cook shrimp. It is done in 3 - 5 minutes.

• While grilling your shrimp you can baste melted butter on or fresh lemon juice. This will keep the shrimp tasty and moist!

• The smaller the shrimp is the faster it will cook. If they a healthy pink color then they're done!

• Best served straight away, right off the grill!