Grilling Tilapia

"Tilapia on the BBQ!"

Are you going to be Grilling Tilapia this weekend? Check out this great grilling method!

Tilapia is a fresh water fish found mostly in Southern Africa. It has become a very popular fish to do on the barbecue!

Tilapia has a very low fat content compared to other types of fish. The meat contains no carbohydrates or fibre, making it a tasty healthy meal...

The only problem with it is, the meat isn't as firm as salmon or trout. So...extra care must be taken when grilling tilapia.

Lets get our fish ready for the grill!

grilling tilapia


• Don't defrost in the microwave rather let it thaw out over night in the fridge. (defrosting meat looses flavour!)

• Rinse under a running tap and pat dry with a paper towel.

• Slice through the belly and clean out the insides. Cut off the tail for easy grilling. (like in the picture above!)

• Pour over a little Italian salad dressing, cayenne and lemon pepper. (yummy!)

• Place in the fridge for 30 minutes to let the flavours work their magic.

Tip: Don't over marinate or over season as tilapia has a great natural flavour.

Great...our tilapia is ready lets get it on the grill!

bbq tilapia

"How To Grill Tilapia"

• Grease the grill grid well with olive oil or vegetable oil. (fish sticks so easily!)

• Pre-heat grill to a high heat.

• Place the fish on the grill. Sear the outside for a minute on eachside. (searing firms up the fish!)

• Turn the heat down to a medium heat.

• Slow cook the inside for 8 - 10 minutes.

• When done the meat must be a 'cooked white' colour and the juices must run clear. (don't over cook it!)

• Serve straight off the grill, nice and hot. (oh yes!)

Tips: Avoid flipping the fish often as the meat can break up easily. Don't let a naked flame come in contact with the fish as it burns so easily.

Awsome...perfect barbecue tilapia, right off your grill!