Barbecue Islands

"Are you keen to Build your Own?"

Barbecue islands are the ultimate Barbecue experience!

Everything is right there for you to BBQ with. It's all about having an outdoor kitchen.

The difference is your grill is not an oven it's a Barbecue.

"On this page we've highlighted"

Grilling Islands (what are they?)

Building Your Own (simple plans)

BBQ Island (where you can buy them)

A BBQ island is the ultimate cooking station in your back yard. It is like having an outdoor kitchen with all the bells and whistles. (oh ya!!)

An island will consist of cupboards, shelves, fridges, smokers, grillers and even microwaves. seems they are having more and more features added all the time!!

Barbecue Islands

These islands are normally hand built and taylored made to suit your specific needs. Grillers would build their perfect grill station and add the accessories they desired...

Nowadays companies are manufacturing ready built barbecue islands. They come in many different shapes and sizes. They come with anything from two to eight burners. Some even have built in smokers and rotisseries...

You can have everything you will ever need for grilling in one corner of your garden. (how cool is that!!)

Definitely something grilling enthusiasts are making more use of...

"Homemade BBQ Island"

bbq island looking to build one? are your simple building plans - Click here!!!

Built from bricks and steel, it is a great feature in your garden or patio. Definitely the cheaper option, you can do the brick work and the all installations yourself...

Installing your own cupboards and tiling the top surfaces can be time consuming. (don't be lazy!!)

If you are looking for products such as smokers, pizza ovens and fridges to add to your island, visit - BBQ Island Inc.

"Custom Built BBQ Island"

bbq island Buying an island is a lot easier but can be quite expensive... (as you can imagine!)

Expect to pay anything from 1k up to 5k if not more.

Built with materials like ceramics and aluminium.

When purchasing your custom built island you can opt for a built in unit or a movable unit.

The built in units are normally installed by the company you bought it from.

Simply by building up brick work surrounding it, it can become a great garden feature.

The movable units normally have small wheels beneath them so you can maneuver your island around the patio. These are great if you are renting a place or planning on moving in the near future. Your grilling island can go with you wherever you decide to move to. (great stuff!!)

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