BBQ Turkey Sauces

"How to make Turkey Barbecue Sauces!"

BBQ Turkey Sauces

Looking for tasty Barbecue turkey sauces? Check out these free tasty recipes!

"Beer Zing Sauce"

Beer Ingredients

- Half a can of your favourite beer

- A Cup of BBQ sauce

- A Table Spoon thyme

- 3 Cloves minced garlic

- 1 Teaspoon of salt

- Quarter cup of lemon juice


Start by cooking garlic with the salt. Add thyme together with the lemon juice. Mix ingredients together and let simmer for four minutes.

Finally add bbq sauce with the half can of beer. Let ingredients mix and simmer for a further ten minutes.

Makes about a cup and a half of turkey sauce and goes great with turkey drumsticks.

"Butter Melt Turkey Sauce"

Butter Ingredients

- 1 Tablespoon of butter

- 1 Onion minced

- 1 Green pepper minced

- 1 Tablespoon of pepper

- Quarter of a cup of vinegar

- Tablespoon of garlic powder

- 1 Cup of water

- Half a cup of tomato sauce


Firstly cook the onion and green pepper with some butter. After bout five minutes of cooking, add the vinegar with the cup of water and mix ingredients together.

Finally add tomato sauce, pepper and garlic powder.

Mix ingredients together and let simmer for eight minutes. This makes two cups of turkey sauce.

"Mushroom Sauce"

Mushroom Ingredients

- 10 medium sized button mushrooms

- Tablespoon of thyme

- 1 cup of milk

- Half cup of flour

- Tablespoon of vegetable stock

- Tablespoon of garlic powder

- Olive oil to cook mushrooms


Cook the mushrooms in olive oil until slightly brown. Add garlic powder and vegetable stock. Mix ingredients together then add thyme with the milk.

Mix in the flour to get desired thickness add more if needed or more milk if sauce is too thick.

This sauce will go on the turkey slices after they have been barbecued. Makes a cup and a half of turkey grilling sauce.