BBQ Vegetarian Recipes

"Vegetable Dishes for the BBQ!"

BBQ Vegetarian Recipes

Are you looking for delicious BBQ vegetarian recipes? Try these out! Become a vegetarian grilling lover.

Do you have a tasty BBQ vegetarian dish you would like to share? YOUR grilling recipes!!

"BBQ Stuffed Tomato"

Tomato Ingredients

- 3 tomatoes

- 8 button mushrooms

- 3 cloves crushed garlic

- 1 onion

- 1 table spoon of chopped basil

- 3 table spoons of tomato paste


Cut your tomatoes in half and spoon out the pulp. Try get as much of the pulp out as you can without affecting the structure of the tomato.

Chop the mushrooms in a mixing bowl and mix together with the tomato paste. Then add basil and the garlic and mix ingredients together.

Chop the onion into a mince and add to the other ingredients. Add the mixture into the half cut tomatos, filling the tomatoes up to the brim.

Place the tomatoes on medium heat grill until they are heated through. Done in about 5 minutes.

No vegetarian barbecue will be complete without this recipe! Enjoy!!

"BBQ Potatoes"

Potatoes Ingredients

- 6 potatoes

- 1 onion

- 4 cloves crushed garlic

- 1 tablespoon of thyme

- 2 tablespoons of olive oil

- 1 teaspoon of salt

- tin Foil


First peel your potatoes and cut them into four and place in a mixing bowl. Finely chop the onion and garlic into a mince and add to mixing bowl.

Sprinkle over thyme together with salt (use more if desired) and mix ingredients together. Get a piece of tin foil about a foot and a half in length (use more if needed) and smear the two tablespoons of olive oil over the piece of tin foil.

Place the potato mixture in the centre of the tin foil and bring up the ends. Leave the top open to see when the potatoes are ready. Grill for approximately 20 minutes turning over once or twice until potatoes are done.

One of my favourite vegetarian grilling recipes! (yummy!!)

"BBQ Tomato Recipe"

Grilled Tomatoes Ingredients

- 4 tomatoes

- salt & pepper for seasoning

- 4 teaspoons of honey

- parsley for decoration


A very easy and tasty must at your next vegetarian BBQ. Start by slicing your tomatoes in half. Then smear a teaspoon of honey on each tomato face.

Sprinkle over the salt & pepper and add the parsley. Barbecue on a medium hot grill making sure you turn over the tomatoes frequently.

Barbecue until tomatoes are slightly crispy on each side. BBQ tomatoes are a great tasting edition to any meal whether it be for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Enjoy!

Do you have a tasty BBQ vegetarian dish you would like to share? YOUR grilling recipes!!