Econo Large Charcoal Grill

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The Econo large Charcoal Grill great for dinner dinner parties.

Made out of Stainless Steel at a very affordable price.

The price below is our recommended retail price.

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weber grill Econo Large
Charcoal BBQ
For Home Use
Ideal dinner party Grill

 Dimensions  710 x 330 x 680mm's
 Cooking Area 670 x 295 mm's
 Net Weight 4.2kg's
 Materials Stainless Steel
 Features Foldable Legs
 Box Size 970 x 340 x 158mm's
 1 Carton = 2 Boxes 980 x 345 x 350mm's
 Gross Weight / Carton 10.2kg's
 Minimum Order Quantity 500 units
 Per 20" Container 640 Boxes / Units
 Per 40" Container 1560 Boxes / Units
 Recommended Retail Price $49.00US

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